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After being asked fairly frequently about what I usually order on iherb.com, I thought I would do a blog post. This by no means is a way to get you to buy from iherb specifically, nor the exact products, however, I just thought it would helpful. And yes, I do have an iherb code, which you can use to save $10 off your first order (AJO567)- however, I make like 1% or something really small, so honestly I’m not doing this to make money. And always, I’d recommend you to buy from whichever source is most cost-effective, ethical or sustainable for you- be it online or from a local store. I’m putting the prices that iherb currently lists, because that way you can compare it to whichever source you use.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

When I was in Hong Kong recently, I drank milk tea everyday because it was so delicious!  I made sure to watch how they made it, so I could copy it back at home.  Milk tea is a dreamy blend of creamer, simple syrup, and strong brewed tea.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Servings: 1


-1 cup hot water

-1 tea bag (Lipton Yellow Label is authentic, ceylon or earl grey work well, but any black tea is fine)

-1 1/2 Tbls light coffee creamer, powder (unsweetened original)

-1 1/2 Tbls unflavored coffee syrup (simple syrup)


Saturday in Seoul: Let’s have a tea party & play dress-up.


A few close friends recently completed their year of teaching in Korea and returned home to the US. Although it was sad to see them leave, their last few months here were full of new adventures in Seoul. They made a list of things they wanted to accomplish before leaving The Land of Kimchi and I am glad they were serious in completing this to-do list. One Saturday, instead of heading into Seoul to experience the plethora of shopping and dining opportunities that we love, we ventured to a new part of the city and found our way to a traditional Korean hanok (home) where we, for less than $20, learned how to properly drink and serve tea and dressed in hanbok clothing.

Kombucha in Busan

I looked for Kombucha in Busan for a couple months, but I had no luck finding anybody who was brewing it.  I finally ordered a starter from the USA and it's growing nicely.  If anyone needs a starter mushroom, just send me a message with your email or phone number.  I live in Gwangan and work near Seomyeon.  I'm excited to finally be making Kombucha and I want others to enjoy it too!

Driving Through the Cameron Highlands

The road was dusty and the road was hot. Inside the air-conditioned car much of this didn’t matter as much. From Ipoh, the highway curved steadily between limestone bastions that seemed to have risen from the earth like mushrooms. Eventually the road climbed and these individual giant outcrops melded into larger formations, and before long we were winding through these formations that were now the beginning of a larger mountain range.

The more the road climbed, the further it went from what would commonly be referred to as civilisation. With that, the jungle seemed to take over as the trees rose higher and the variety, from what I could see from the back seat, seemed to be changing every time we went another hundred metres above sea-level.

Green Tea and Fresh Air in Boseong (보성)

This past weekend a few friends and I went to the tiny little town of Boseong (보성) to go to the stunning green tea fields.  Now from Busan it's a bit of a trek.  By bus it takes 3 hours each way and the two morning buses leave at 6:30 and the next not until 9:40 from Sasang.  You could go to somewhere nearby and then transfer, but we went the more direct route.  The last bus of the day leaves really early at 5:40 so you either have to have a jam packed day like we did, or spend the night.  It's a small town, so maybe if you went somewhere else close by for the next day it would be a better plan. 

Destination: a KTX trip – tea fields in Boseong and rail-biking in Gokseong (Jeollanam-do)

There are quite a few ‘KTX Tours’ available – typically one- or two-day trip offering to whisk you away to sights around the country using Korea’s fast train service. While the KTX train didn’t take us all the way to our first destination, the chartered bus took us the rest of the way.

Letter from Korea, April 2011

Suwon, South Korea
April 30, 2011

Dear Ireland,

Apologies for my lack of correspondence, I’ve been busy believe it or not. I won’t bore you with the details but I would in fact prefer to inform you of one of the reasons that I haven’t had as much time as usual to sit down and write you a lovely letter, as has been my wont for almost a year.

Recently, myself and Herself have become business people. We are proprietors. Not in the traditional sense, more in a temporary and experimental sense.

As I wrote in a previous post, I spend a lot of time in my friend’s traditional Korean tea shop that is close to our home. Recently the owner propositioned Herself whether or not she would like to run the tea shop. Herself was duly excited by the prospect and we decided we would take it on board for a few months and try it out.

Busan dog café (Jangsan)


I've heard about this Busan dog café in Jangsan and read that its location is not very visible from the street. I know it's supposedly across from the 2001 Outlet then across from Mr. Pizza, above a small pet store on the 2nd floor... 

Forgive me for giving up so easily, but I don't know Jangnsan that well and don't live very close, so before I venture out again and waste my time (yes, I've already tried and obviously failed once), perhaps someone could give me more concrete directions. Any help would be very much appreciated! :)

tea fest!

just a few things from saturday’s lovely tea and craft festival at bexco…

lotus flower tea may be the prettiest tea on the planet.

if tea didn’t seem like mysterious alchemy before, this contraption might convince you.

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