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Kappa Sushi (갓파스시) offers a fun sushi experience by combining...

Kappa Sushi (갓파스시) offers a fun sushi experience by combining conveyor belt sushi with computer ordering. Not all the sushi is good, but not all of it is bad either. The funnest part is ordering sushi on the computer and then having it hurtle towards your table. It’s not too expensive either with sushi sets starting at 1,500₩.

Keeping in mind that I like American-style sushi, Sushi Berry...

Sushi Berry rolls

Sushi Berry hours

Sushi Berry menu

Keeping in mind that I like American-style sushi, Sushi Berry (스시베리) is my favorite sushi restaurant in Korea. I enjoy all the rolls as they’re big and tasty. Rolls range in price from 3,500₩ to 8,000₩. Check menu picture above.

The customer service is attentive and the chef speaks perfect English.

Hong Kong

Living Life The Korean Way

I’ve been living in Korea for 18 months now, enough time to get over the initial culture shock and to adapt to living the Korean lifestyle. There have been both good things- going out for dinner and getting a delicious, filling meal for under £5, and bad- fearing for your life every time you are on/ near the road because of the crazy drivers.

Here are some of the things I have become accustomed to during the last year and a half in  Korea- the good, the bad and everything in between…

Fukuoka, Japan Day 2

Day 2 in Fukuoka was our only full day, and we definitely made the most of it! I want to note that it was EXTREMELY hot and humid during our time there, much more so than in Korea. You hear us complaining about it a lot in the video, but we had a fantastic day. This is one of my favorite vlog/follow us around videos! These photos are just a snippet of our time there.

Check out our entire Flickr set from Japan HERE.

Started off the morning as anyone should. A brewery tour! Our hostel booked it for us and gave us great directions!

Sushi Restaurant

I have always wanted to go to a sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt  (I dream big, I know!) and I finally went to one. David and I went to Sushi-aurant on Dong Sung-ro in down town Daegu. It cost 15,000 per person at lunch time. This included all the sushi you can eat and all the soft drinks you can drink. The menu was very varied. There were all different kinds of sushi as well is different meats. I stuck to the classic sushi dishes and David chose the duck, beef, chicken, fried doncas and spicy noodle dishes. We were both very satisfied and very full after an hour of gorging!

Restaurants in Masan

  • We found a couple new restaurants in Masan. Little California  is a cute place. It sells a delicious selections of California -rolls, sushi, Pork Cutlet and more!

Little California

Sushi and Roll PNU


By Fiona Van Tyne


2013-01-10 12.34.43

Exceptional sushi in Busan is easy to come by. I cannot count the number of rolls and pieces of raw fish that I have enjoyed here. For me, living somewhere completely landlocked, sushi was something that was terribly expensive and only good half the time. I have been lucky in Busan to find a place that does rolls for a decent price that are truly heavenly.


\^_^/ Fukuoka, Japan \^_^/

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