Korean Beauty Standards: Another Pressure Point

Working in a middle school full of adolescent girls is like being transported back in time to a teenage world of worries, insecurities, and an ever-present wish to change pretty much everything about yourself- hair, skin, body- in fact, if you look for it, you can pretty much find fault with anything, and that’s exactly what teenagers do.

Beauty: The Eternal Question

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Gynecology and Surgery at Dongeui Medical Center, Yangjeong, Busan

I have been living in Korea for 10 months now and I have used Koreabridge to inform myself on everything but today I thought I would share as I just returned from my second post - op visit from Dongeui Medical Center.

WARNING: My account is LONG and DETAILS a Pelvic Exam and Post- Surgical details. You've been warned! 

Before leaving NY I had gone for a pelvic exam and they detected something.  An ultra sound alone would cost me $800 so I ignored it. Until this past July of 2013 when I felt a sudden twang in my uterus. The only other time I had used my insurance here was for an eye exam on the 8th floor of Ion City right outside of Seomyeon station which set me back 30 minutes and 10 dollars. (They have an English speaking desk assistant, and the Opthalmologist's is okay but not the Optometrist who just mimes where to look/what to do.) 

Good News

Don’t you just love receiving good news? Whether it is life-changing or trivial, good news can always bring mirth to your heart.

Medical and Dental Costs are Very Cheap in Korea

Having been in Korea now for about 14 months, I've had to visit the doctor on a few occasions.  Two of them were for minor surgeries.  The first one left me simply amazed at the low cost of medical procedures here.

A battle with being an Expat

Fact: when you’re chasing everything you’ve ever wanted, at some point, you’re going to have to leave home and the people and things you love dearly. (I copied this statement)

Adam and I don’t normally write blogs about our “feelings” especially when we are missing things. We try to focus on the positive when we are away because we don’t want our family back home to read our blogs and then feel sad. We want them to see the good, exciting and amazing things that living as expats brings to our lives.

Laser Eye Surgery?

 So has anyone had laser eye surgery here in SK? I'm interested and looking into options. If you could list resources you know of, stories of quality, or any relevant information I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

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