Watching Cherry Blossoms at Seokchon Lake

Ashley’s Cheesecake

I looove cheesecake! ^^ Here in Korea, my favorite cheesecake is the one from Ashley. My husband likes it, too. In fact, every year on our wedding anniversary, hubby buys cheesecake and wine for our simple celebration at home. It has become an anniversary tradition.

No Naps Allowed: Hamilton Hotel Pool in Itaewon

An Interesting Day in Hyewa

Every Sunday, Filipinos flock the road between Dongseong High School and Hyehwa Catholic Church in Hyewadong, also known as “Little Manila in Seoul“. This is because every Sunday, there is a Filipino Market in Hyewa.

Language Exchange Café (Gangnam / Hongdae / Hyehwa)

Repeats every week every Sunday until Tue Jul 31 2012 .
Sunday, May 27, 2012 - 15:00


Language Exchange Café 언어 교환 카페 (강남/홍대/혜화)


All my lovin'

Well here it is, Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining and its a beautiful day to be alive! But here I am, sitting with the shades drawn on the window (which is honestly pointless since no sun can get past the concrete building it faces) eating boxed mac and cheese and drinking a coke, watching the first season of the L word, which seriously has me contemplating switching teams (not really seriously, but its a damn good show) nursing what could be called a post traumatic stress induced hangover, while wearing a pair of left behind sweats that are far too big but still have the faint smell of his skin. 

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