Gazpacho and Popcorn Cakes

It’s summer in Korea and tomatoes are everywhere! I love tomatoes but its way too hot to cook with them now so what better way to use them then to make this Spanish favorite, Gazpacho! This cold soup is delicious and hits the spot on a hot day, but I wanted something on the side to make this dish a little more filling. Something a little salty to go with that tomato flavor and something healthy. Then I remembered an episode of Top Chef that made Popcorn Cakes! It’s a perfect match.

Even Hitler needed a vacation!

If Hitler had any chance of living a long, stress free life or losing some of that excess body fat he was carrying around I think he first should have started with a banana for that rage and obvious crash in blood sugar! That’s right, I just made a correlation between Hitler’s quest for world domination and low blood sugar. Hopefully, that has expressed to you the importance of eating right and avoiding sugary snacks that will spike and then crash your blood sugar, making you as crazy as, well, Hitler!

So, RELAX! For those of you teaching in South Korea, summer vacation is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to regroup and rest.

Derrynane Beach, June 2 2011

Napoleon Dynamite Goes Raw

Anyone remember this Napoleon Dynamite video? Who knew he was making a case for the raw food movement?! Although I wouldn’t suggest drinking raw eggs, I think actually seeing them do so takes raw food to a whole new level and makes me gag a little! It’s up to you to decide if you want to be a part of that level or not…I choose not. However, I do think it’s important to explore raw food.

The raw food diet says that the most healthful food for the body is uncooked. If food is heated it should only be heated to 104 to 118 degrees Fahrenheit (some food can be heated to a higher temp without destroying its enzymes).

its official

Yup, I am a full fledged Korean these days.... I have fresh, homemade kimchi in my fridge (it will last for months, it never goes bad!) and I am considering buying one of these 
or one of these

 ( its DAMN hot here and in Arizona I was babied with air con., a luxury they seem to hate here..)
Better get of here quick before I start liking squid, wearing flesh colored tights, or worse yet, believing in fan death!

Korean Bloodsuckers!

I was dreaming about writing this when I heard that all too familiar high-pitched whizzing buzz pass over my ear. I suppose it was an advantage that I got three more mosquito bites after the first one that had woken me from the itching. The extra bites really reminded me of the wonderful times I have had been woken repeatedly in the middle of the night courtesy of a flock of mosquitoes residing in my bedroom.

Yes, summer isn’t summer in Korea until you get your first bite at 2am and spend the next forty-five minutes chasing the tiny black vampire around the bedroom with whatever suitable implement comes to hand. Coming from Ireland, we have nothing like mosquitoes, in fact I didn’t even realise that there were ants in Ireland until last year. Korea, is not so lucky.

Haeundae Beach

Korea’s most famous beach, Haeundae has been noted for its impressive beauty for more than a thousand years. It is easy to understand why when you see that great curve of land meeting the ocean. And it is also easy to understand why this natural setting draws hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to its sea and sand.

Hot hot heat

vibrant heat

fuels a hot sweaty body

need the cold

© John Brownlie 2010

Life in Korea: beating the heat

UPDATED 12 July 2010 to include more information about 'Hippo Packs'.

Welcome to summer, Korea style. It's called 장마철 (rainy season), although you might call it the rainy season, the monsoon season, or that *#@%! hot season. Whatever you call it, there are more than a few ways to beat the heat.

Step one: turn off the heat. If your apartment has ondol heating (and virtually every Korean apartment does), there may be a switch to go from 'winter' mode to 'summer' mode. In the former (겨울, or winter), the ondol system turns on the hot water and heats up the floor; in the latter (여름, or summer), the ondol system only heats up the water.

Air Dry and Gaeli

Nobody uses dryers here.  I kind of like it that way.  

The garments hanging off the rack in my apartment don’t look nearly as vibrant as these linens–lots of greys, blues, and whites have claimed the suitcase backpack closet this year.  But summer’s here, and I’m craving colour.  Perhaps the Korean towels drying in the sun have inspired?    



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