strangers in a strange land

On playing the foreigner card


Whether you realize it or not, you've played the foreigner card. Anytime you've gotten away with something that a Korean couldn't. Anytime you've done something that a Korean couldn't - or wouldn't. Sometimes it's played for you - anytime a local treats you different because of your foreigner nature, the foreigner card has come into play. Not knowing the language may be one excuse, while not knowing local customs / traditions may be another.

On our place in the Korean world

Every now and then, an article gives me hope for a future life in Korea. A life that isn't dependent on doing whatever an employer wants to stay in the country. A life that won't be spent teaching English to kids that would rather be playing. I've had the fortune of reading two such articles in the past couple days, and feel obliged to share them with you. The first, an excellent essay by the Metropolitician (NSFW for language, but highly worth the read), is more a commentary on doing the right thing and Korea's struggle to do just that; the second is a call for Korea to embrace its foreign workers - calling them the "new engine for economic dynamism".

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