4 Foods in Korea You Probably Won’t Like

Not everything you can eat in Korea is going to be delicious. Many foreigners come here and right off the boat the moment they eat anything, they say it’s “delicious”. It doesn’t even matter what it is. It may not even be Korean food!

Don’t get me wrong, there are many, many foods here that are completely and utterly addictive. There’s no questioning that.

HOWEVER, there will be some things here available to eat that you’d probably wish were not available.

Here’s my list of 4 of them. Happy dining!


When I started writing about my experiences here there were only two other foreigners writing blogs in Busan as far as I'm aware and so it enjoyed a level of mild popularity by virtue of absence of choice. This led to a few invitations to appear on Korean TV and radio shows, and I was also asked to write, but always for airline magazines - perhaps their editors had correctly surmised that I work best with a captive audience.

Korean Urban Legends 7: The Toilet Ghost

This is a popular Korean urban legend about a ghost living in a toilet. The ghost most commonly dwells in squat toilets and appears by sticking its hand out of the bowl, it then asks you if you would prefer red toilet paper or blue toilet paper. You will have to answer the question and the door will be locked if you try to escape. If you chose the red toilet paper, the ghost will skin you alive and leave your body red with blood.

Top 10 Strange Korean Foods

Korea is famous for Kimchi and Bulgogi, but is also home to a variety of lesser known dishes that are definitely worth tasting. Here's a list of the oddest foods available in Korea, a must try for everyone visiting the peninsula!

10 - Intestine Blood Sausage with Vermicelli (순대-Soondae)

Korean Urban Legends 6: Cosmetic Sesame And Other Stories

A few new urban legends for today!

Cosmetic sesame (미용깨)

Korean Urban Legends 4: Cockroach Infested Tampons and Other Stories

Another post in our series on Korean Urban Legends and Spooky Stories. I am not usually scared of insects,  every now and then I actually even enjoy eating Beondegi (번데기), the infamous Korean dish made out of silk worms. But I must say cockroaches are one of the things that scare me the most. I almost puked while translating these stories but I could not let you down. Behold today's urban legends: the Cockroach Infested Tampon, the Cockroach Facial and the MP3 Kidnappings!

Korean Urban Legend 3: Human-faced Dog (인면견)

Korean Urban Legends 2: The Foot and Mouth Scare (구제역 괴담)

Korean Urban Legends 1: Chicken Blood Tatoo (닭피 문신)

Strange Things of Korea : Sculpture Parks, Part 3 (해신당공원)

Another scultpure park, this time entirely penis-themed. You can find in Samcheok. The origin of the wooden penis statues displayed in the park lays in a local legend. Here's an English version of the legend I found on the Korean tourism agency website:

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