Picture our Face: Fundraiser for Save the Children (Daejeon Cantina)

Saturday, December 17, 2011 - 16:30

Picture My Face Bookings, ROKD, and THe Daejeon Cantina are teaming up to bring you 15 of the best bands from all accross Korea for one great
cause- Save The Children: Korea! (details below)

Divided into a 'Day Stage'...
 and a 'Night Stage', MC'ed by the ladies of ROKD(Korea's first and only Roller Derby league) and running nearly 11 hours, this will be the BEST Live music event in Daejeon all year:

My Repeated Failure at Watching Sport on the Telly in Korea

Yesterday marked the end of the month of Irish sport on television, that is television streamed through the internet and watched on my computer. It has taken me five years of living in Korea to master the art of searching through Google for the relevant link to watch a match, which is impressive. It was an ordeal I would recommend to anyone as the rewards are worthwhile, although they could have been much better.

For starters this is not the first time I’ve tried to find sport via the ould interweb. I know that when herself when was in Ireland, she never had any problems watching the things she wanted to. There are a few Korean websites that post television shows up after they are shown for the first time. I imagine you can do the same with certain Irish programmes too, but with live sport it’s completely different.

Daegu 2011 – An Armchair Interpretation of the Plight of Two Underachieving Nations in Track and Field

A few days before the IAAF World Athletics Championship in Daegu commenced, the president of Korea Lee Myung Bak proudly declared that the championships would inspire Koreans to develop their abilities in this area. But after only five days, Yonhap News declared that Korea is in danger of getting shut out after missing so many goals with their athletes being forced to watch from the sidelines as headline after headline was created by the international community. Did something go wrong, or should they have just not have been so excited? Perhaps they should have spoken to Ireland beforehand.

Ireland and Korea are not renowned for their prowess in track and field. Daegu 2011 is another good example of this. This isn’t an attempt to disparage the efforts of those who have put their heart and soul into competing in the event – my own efforts pale in comparison to theirs – but, as the title would suggest, an armchair analysis of the whole rigmarole.

World Athletics Championships, Daegu 2011

Fresh off my Vietnamese adventure I felt it was high time I went off and did something else I have never done in my life. Two days after touching down on Korean soil again I was on the KTX headed up to Daegu to meet Sam at the train station. Last year Sam was generous to but me tickets for the innaugral Korean F1 Grand Prix so I felt it necessary to return the gift. A couple of months back I purchased tickets for the opening day of the World Atletics Championships. The tickets being so reasonably priced I decided to get both morning and evening session tickets for the pair of us.

Busan e-FM Week 6: Busan Festivals, Events and Places

About 'Open Mike in Busan'


By the time I reached my sixth week at Busan e-FM, they’d moved from the centrally-based Yeonsan-dong KNN building to Centum City in Haeundae, in the increasingly fashionable Eastern fringe of the city, where KNN are building their monstrous new headquarters.


As everyone knows, there’s certainly always a lot happening in Busan, so for my sixth week on Inside Out Busan at Busan e-FM, I thought I’d talk about some of my experiences visiting festivals, and going out to various events and places here in the city.

Busan Fireworks Festival

Shaolin Soccer

Apparently it was the dream of many Korean men to watch the World Cup on a 3D TV. I thought that was a little optimistic but then I found one in Lotte Department Store near us, proving at least that the technology was really out there as opposed to 'coming soon'. However, at around 2.5 million won (£1,400/$2,100), for many it may have remained a dream for now, although Samsung claim to have sold 26,000 3D TVs in Korea, so evidently some had the money to make the leap of faith.

The Sandman

When I discovered that finance ministers and central bankers from the G-20 were meeting in Busan I felt like I wanted to go and stand outside the hotel to watch because suddenly, as a financial trader, my world was coming to me - here in the relative backwater that is Korea's second city, and I wondered if I would ever again be in the presence of so much collective inaction. But as events transpired, by the time they reached Busan, all I wanted to do was catch a glimpse of the British Chancellor of the Exchequer and shout “Stop letting President Obama kick sand in our faces, Mr.

The Kite Runner

The 40th Busan International Kite Festival was held this weekend, so yesterday we went along to watch and fly kites of our own around the periphery of the event, which apparently is the done thing. This involved actually buying a kite first, but given that kite flying is a reasonably popular activity in Busan, it isn't that difficult to find shops selling them in appropriate locations.

Busan Bulls Rugby Team - All Are Welcome

The Busan Bulls rugby team (RFC) is looking for more men and women to get involved in the ever-growing sport of rugby here in Korea. Korean nationals and foreigners alike are encouraged to come out and have some fun with other laid-back folks who love to have a good time. No experience needed, great way to meet new people in a social atmosphere, the ability to travel around Korea for games (Seoul, Ulsan, Daegu, etc), and get fit while having a great time. Just casual games scheduled so far, so it won't be a big commitment. Enjoy the good-times culture of rugby here in Korea while the beautiful Busan sun shines. For more information, email Pete (, or visit us on facebook.


I've never been to see a basketball game before; it's not very popular in England. So I jumped at the chance to see a game in Busan last Saturday afternoon, where judging on the crowd turnout, it isn't very popular either. Which is a shame, because while it doesn't have the epic feel of 30,000 people crammed into Sajik Stadium for a baseball game, being seated closer to the action allows for a much more personal experience.

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