NaPoWriMo Day 20: Consider the Following

9 Hours in Sci-Fi

I'm not really writing about my trip to Japan in sequential order, so I figured I would jump to one of the most asked about aspects of my trip (mostly by my mom and her co-workers)- the capsule hotel.

In Kyoto there's this capsule hotel that I found called 9 Hours, and it looks just as futuristic and straight out of a sci-fi movie as it does on its website.  I've found that it's actually cheaper to book through their website, and since I was staying in hostels the whole trip, this was the most expensive place I stayed in.  But it's all about the experience, right?   It looked a lot more fancy and sci-fi than a lot of the other capsule hotels I saw online, so I took the plunge. 

Who wouldn't want to sleep here?

7:30 am and I’m in love

This internet has really gotten the best of me. As I down my 2nd cup of coffee, Adam is still asleep and Eunee is on my lap… I stumbled upon The Tiny House Blog.

For those of you who know us, may know that we have been talking more and more about having a baby sometime in the near future. Well, my nesting craziness must be in full gear (at least that is what I have heard it is called) I am cooking way more than normal, reorganizing the house on a daily basis(all 350 sq.ft)  in a much more intense way than normal and dreaming of where on earth I want to end up and in what kind of a home.

Auto- Go- Round

What do you do when you when you have very limited space and high demand for parking?? Create an Auto-Go-Round.  Now I'm pretty sure this is not the name for this thing (i.e this is not the real name for this thing)- but it is what I call it. 

Clear Thinking and Satellites Save Us from Bird Flu

Remember the bird flu scare of 2005, another one of those “Chicken Little” crises currently contributing to global cynicism about science and government expenditures? It didn’t happen, and there’s a few head-slapping reasons why.

Dr Gaidet’s team analysed 228 birds from 19 species using satellite telemetry from 2006 to 2009 over the bird flu affected areas of Asia, Europe and Africa. The results indicated that migrating wildfowl do have the potential to disperse H5N1 over extensive distances as mass migration can result in infected birds covering as much as 2900km before symptoms become apparent.

Seoul’s Explosive Phallus Problem

Abe Denmark has only good things to say for the South Korean satellite program. But when it comes to rockets, Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) has come up short. So, why does KARI keep beating itself up?

Extreme Spelunking (Video)

I briefly did spelunking at the most amateurish and elementary level when I was stationed in California during the 90s. So, Jim Tabor really got me stoked for the ol’ days. One argument neither he nor Jon Stewart made, though, was, that such extreme “caving” could be a much more scientific and efficient use of taxpayer money than NASA-centric manned space flight right now.

No Mourning the Naro-1

I hope there’s no Naro-2. Really!

The fireball that was Naro-1 is more impressive than the thinking that went into it. One only has to think of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 or JAEA’s IKAROS, to see why failure is Seoul’s best option.

Let the Freest Rocket Win

Even if the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) could manage to launch the Naro I (KSLV-I), does it really matter? It seems all so 1950s.

The part-Russian, part Korean rocket is a result of a 502.5 billion won ($418 million) investment. Russia’s Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, which is providing the core technologies for the Korean rocket project, designed and developed the KSLV-I first-stage, which holds the rocket engine and liquid-fuel propulsion system.

How Many Missile Pads Does the Korean Peninsula Really Need?

"Today, with the construction of this space center, we let the entire world know that our national strength has built up by one level," President Lee Myung-bak said in a speech at the new center. "In the near future, we can go to space and the moon with our own technology. To do so, we [...]

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