Put 7 Photographers on a Tiny Island in South Korea and This is the Result

Nothing is better than an island getaway with friends, especially when those friends are all excellent photographers. Last week I headed out with some of the best photographers in the area to the tiny island of Somaemuldo. This island is located near Tongyeong but really is isolated from everything. People come to fish (I think??) and just to get away from it all.


Hanging out Hillside: The Somaemuldo Mission

After the mid-April trip to Bijindo island, during which our inspiration to camp on the beach with an open fire was half-squelched by the local ajummas (the beach camping was a success, the open fire vetoed in loud, vehement Korean ), Joe’s and my vision for Somaemuldo was somewhat simpler: we just wanted to camp, period.  A fire isn’t necessary in the night heat of July, and from the maps we’d skimmed, beach access on this small (population 50!), rocky ocean jem southwest of Tongyeong looked limited, if not non-existent.  All we wanted to pitch a tent was a flat plot of land, ideally with a little open space surrounding it.  This potential one-night nature haven had to exist somewhere on the island….right?

Toilet Creatures

I’m not sure why the public bathroom on Somaemuldo features faceless metal creatures with fork hands guiding visitors to its entrance, but it does.  And I love them.  Korea, you continue to surprise me.

The guy on the left appears in need of the facilities himself...

Somaemuldo View

Sometimes you just want to hop a 7 a.m. boat from Tongyeong, down a bowl of spicy ramen on an island called Somaemuldo, hike up a massive hill, and park your body on a grassy slope all afternoon, watching the rocks shift colour in the sun.

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