We were all warned about it (weren’t we?) so we all prepared appropriately. I made sure to put the car in the basement of our apartment complex and dusted down my big ould boots that I reserve for weather like this. Most importantly, I made sure that my phone had a full battery because I knew that this day was going to be a busy day, snowmagedon was on its way.

Last Wednesday Korea got its first real good dose of snow, and by Korea I mean the entire penninsula and not just the east coast and mountains. From around mid-day until six o’clock it snowed pretty heavily, and by the time it had stopped snowing I hadn’t taken half as many photographs as I had hoped I would.

하얀 눈이 예뻐요!

The fresh and beautiful snow came down on Seoul today, leaving a glimmering snowy path to travel on the way home. Certainly it had the kids in a frenzy and people just generally caught by surprise. I really think it came early this year and is a sign of what this winter is going to be like.

A break of convenience in Helsinki.

Having managed to stretch my stomach and inflame my liver in 10 days of gluttony in England I headed to Manchester airport to catch a flight to Helsinki, Finland. When I booked my flights with Finnair I chose the option to take an extended layover in Helsinki. For no extra flight cost I planned to spend 4 days literally chilling in Finland’s historic capital. I wanted to visit Russia, or one of the hotter areas in South-East Asia but financial restrictions meant it wasn’t really feasible.

Getting my Knees Dirty on Korean New Year

On Friday night we boarded a bus in Suwon expecting hours of traffic packed in between tumults of snow. We hoped the journey would take less than five hours and, if we were lucky, the bus driver would at least leave the reading lights on, unlike the last time we took the bus.

We knew what was ahead. Korean New Year is famous for the lines of impregnable traffic on the express-way, and for the previous two days, both the weather forecast and my father-in-law had been warning us about the snow that was going to stop the world that existed around us.

Two hours into our journey along the expressway I awoke with a shudder and snort. The bus was cruising steadily along the expressway at an unfamiliar speed, perhaps over 80 kilometres an hour, and we were passing Munmak, thaat perpetual traffic black spot on the Yeongdong Expressway.

The Snow in 4 Danji

In local news, it snowed last night for a few hours. Of course everyone knew this, but I suppose it was nice to have it fall just before Christmas.

Here is a collection of photographs I took on my phone this morning walking down to the supermarket. Most are taken from inside or fairly close to the apartment.



Indecisive Spring

Being a true Englishman I regularly feel the need to discuss the weather, moan about the weather and drop a weather related comment into moments of uncomfortable silence. The Republic of Korea is famed for it’s distinct seasons. A long hot and humid summer, a long dry and cold winter and a rather perfect yet short spring and autumn. Last week it was threatening an early and welcome spring; that was until it randomly snowed a foot of snow in Changwon and much of South Korea. There were rumours it was the first time the second largest city of Busan had seen snowfall for six years. It then rained for a few days and the snow was gone and now it feels like spring again.

Snow in March

Everybody, raise your glasses to Korea's 'four distinct seasons' - Seoul got snow a few days ago, reminding us that it's not yet spring. A few pictures of the snow - enjoy:

Escape from Philadelphia

As I stood in the cold, quiet PATCO subway station waiting for the delayed eastbound train bound for Camden, I stamped my numbed feet one long walk in the snow away from frostbite and remembered what I said earlier to Nuevo and Pickle about the plan this weekend:

"I'm going to make a memory." Once I decided it was still on, I was going to find a way back to Princeton for my going away dinner, and I was going to make the getting there an event to remember.

We had spent the evening drinking in some old, large Irish pub. At least I think it was Irish, I'm pretty sure it was. The place looked very old, so old, in fact a city had been built up around it, its entrance now down some alley, next to a parking garage.

Today's snow brought to you by the letter 'S' and the color 'white'

No words necessary - enjoy the pictures of snow around Seoul.

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