Chuseok Love…

with the kiddies.

For my readers at home: Chuseok is a three-day Korean holiday that traditionally celebrates the autumn harvest. For us waygooks, it means a four-day weekend. (Asa!) For Koreans, it means returning to their hometowns, paying respect to their ancestors, and sharing a feast.  Many also wear traditional clothes called hanbok.

So at school on Friday, we held a Hanbok Fashion Show so the kids could show off their gear…

It was a pretty big deal.

Monica, Louis, and Jeff--I start each morning with them, grateful that coffee was invented.

may field trip

my little hellions in jewel class tried to charm me before our field trip down the road to jangsan mountain by giving me flowers for teachers’ day.

then, it was off to the mountain, where we did a brief art project,


remember school pictures? “will students with last names starting with a-c please come to the auditorium?” you shuffled to the other side of the school, killed as much time as your could chatting with your friends and finally slumped down in front of a gray backdrop for exactly one droopy-eyed snapshot from the poor schlub from johnson’s photo who spent most of his life taking portraits of high schoolers at prom and for the yearbook and looked like he could think of nothing but getting the hell out of there?

that’s not what it’s like in korea.

chuseok party!

i know it’s about time to stop posting only pictures of the kids in my class, and i promise this will be the last one for a while (i’m going to jeju island tomorrow!) but omigod, it was chuseok party today!

all my kids dressed up in traditional korean hanbok and bowed to the teachers.

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