3 Video Call Options for Travelers & Expats

Back in the days before the internet became as widespread as it is now, traveling could be an overwhelmingly isolating experience. Living abroad could be even more so. Prior to the spread of internet connectivity, the best way to stay in touch with friends and family back home was with international calling cards. Before that, it was stamps, letters and post-cards. We’ve come a long way!

I’m in Skype’s most recent commercial. See 0:29 for...

I’m in Skype’s most recent commercial. See 0:29 for my (literally) one second of fame. As my friend, Lee, said, “That one second completely encapsulates your entire subjectivity.”

My 2012: While you were busy Googling ‘What is a Gangnam?’…

Small World, Big Love..and a Birdhouse.

Its a fact of life that living away from family means that you will inevitably miss out on life events and special occasions from time to time. Being there virtually has been a saving grace for Nicole and I. Skype, Kakao, Facebook, Twitter and our blogs offer us a direct connect with loved ones back home but there are still some things that just don’t quite make the journey through electronic media.

Teaching over Skype?


I'm interested in teaching English over Skype to Koreans. Can anyone give me any advice about where I can find students and how much to charge? And if there's anything else I should know about teaching Koreans over type, I would greatly appreciate it.




Friday is treating me well,  my friends.

I wake up (after a long Thanksgiving night filled with BBQ and cognac) to an email inbox full of messages from my mom and older sister asking me when I plan to log on Skype so the family to see me during their Thanksgiving festivities in Savannah GA. I barely manage to pull myself out of bed and wipe the crusties from my eyes before I’m flipping open the computer to see my entire family dressed in their Sunday’s best, huddled over the computer on the other end. The perfect way to start any day in my opinion. It was just what I needed.

Work proved to be interesting as well.

Simple joy in life: Skyping with my cat. He has his own twitter...

Simple joy in life: Skyping with my cat. He has his own twitter account as well. Such a smart kitty!

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