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Review- Trouble+Stop kit by Leaders Clinic

Up for review today we have an awesome little box kit for pimple treatment that they have been selling at the Watsons stores around my area for several months. Last week they went on sale for about 10,000 won so I decided to grab a box and give it a try since I get a painful pimple or two once every few weeks~ ouch! Why was I so willing?  Well this kit is by Beauty Clinic which is just a sub brand name for Leaders Clinic~ Which is a large brand here that makes a range of skin products that I have always had very good results with! I am a big fan of this brand

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Drop 5 Years in 5 Minutes

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been”
-Mark Twain
Another year has passed and I’m getting older.
Aging isn’t so bad, but unless you’re 16, you probably don’t want to look older.
(Ohh… the days when I longed to be older.  How I miss the impatience of my youth!)
Here are some tips from an old(er) Instyle magazine issue  (1/09).
* Eyes *

Dermatologist, Looking for??

Sex and the Red Blooded Woman

Remember these?

I first came across them back in 2008, the first time I really tried to understand Korean women’s penchant for skin-whitening. While it turns out that I misinterpreted what exactly the images above were though, from a 2005 study of the relationship between female attractiveness and hormones, one of its conclusions remains the same: the redder a women’s cheeks, the sexier.

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