Wash Away the Winter Blues at Seoul's SK-II Boutique Spa

If the recent drop in temperatures and merciless wind are any indication of what's to come this winter, we're in for a long, cold season. And if you're like me, this weather is anything but enjoyable. Between the incessant time spent inside and the pain endured in the frigid outdoors while in transit, coming down with a case of the winter blues is almost always inevitable.

Contrary to popular belief, however, there is a cure which does not require a prescription. All one simply needs to do is to head down to SK-II Boutique Spa for a truly healing experience.

Korean Sociological Image #53: “SK-II No. 1 Whitening Celebration Party”

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For a change, I think I’ll let this one speak for itself.

But if you would like some context though, then see here. And in fairness (no pun intended), apparently model Lee Soo-hyuk (이수혁) on the right always looks like that.

But still, is such a deathly pallor really something to be aspired to?

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