Seven KPop Alternatives to “Gangnam Style”

Don’t get us wrong–we love Psy.  Love him.  Ric and I are probably responsible for at least 300,000 of those millions of YouTube video hits, and we NEVER get tired of the ubiquitous “horse dance”.  However, all good things come to an end, and sometimes you need a break from even the most epic of music videos. So, for your listening pleasure, we offer seven KPop alternatives to “Gangnam Style”–songs that, despite their lack of horse dance, are pretty catchy and definitely worth a listen.  Or twenty.

1)  Lee Hi “″:  You won’t believe that such a big voice is coming from such a little body.  Her outrageous eyes even remind me a little of Christina Aguilera.

Feature: Sexy Ads Featuring KPop Stars Pulled Following Government Pressure [VIDEO]

The Korean government wants Korean alcohol companies to tone down the use of young celebrities in ‘sexually suggestive’ ads reportedly aimed at young Koreans on the net. 

SEOUL, South Korea – Banned by government regulators from advertising hard liquor on television, Korean alcohol companies turned to the Internet to push the hard stuff. Now the government is demanding they remove what many view as highly sexualized ad campaigns using young stars to attract young drinkers.

ARKPop Episode#51 – SPICABOXX, The Painkiller Below

83:20 minutes (20.48 MB)


Whoo, first episode past 50, and boy are we prepared. Wait…

Download Episode 51 (right click and save as)

ARKPop Podcast#27 – A Girl can Dream

152:19 minutes (34.86 MB)


Episode 27 meets us on a high after finding ourselves linked to for a blog recommendation. YAY! We’re almost famous. Ahem, anyway, this week there was a lot of non-news released, but we power through it all anyway to get to our somewhat surprisingly in depth free talk, a bit more silly and fun than normal.

ARKpop Podcast - Music Episode#1 - Blame the Crappy Weather

42:08 minutes (19.29 MB)


Download Special Music Episode 1

I’m a DJ today. Yay! (or nay?)

The show must go on, come hell or high water; and while the western part of the world is being pummeled by Hurricane Irene, my neck of the woods is being tortured by a typhoon; but I’m a lot luckier than DameDrFoxyBrown, because I still have internet. It isn’t fun to do an episode without my partner in crime, but like I said, the show must go on… but don’t worry, we’ll be back with a real episode later in the week once D gets her internet back.

So now, enjoy the newest releases Kpop has to offer. Music starts NOW!

Billboard Debuts ‘K-Pop Hot 100′ Chart

August 25 was an exciting day for K-pop with Billboard releasing their newest music chart: Billboard K-Pop Hot 100!

ARKpopPodcast - Episode 8 – [Untitled]

73:33 minutes (33.67 MB)


Welcome to the episode that falls apart because we suddenly realized that what we had lined up for Free Talk was not good enough, so we had to improvise, badly. The rest of the episode is good probably.

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