See You In 2016!

See You In 2016!

Sorry for the lack of comics! Due to an insanely heavy workload combined with me getting sick AGAIN, it’s looking like I won’t be able to update again until sometime next year. Thank goodness that’s less than a week away! I probably should have given a warning beforehand, but it can be easy to do […]

Dear Korea #137: Popping Pills


First off, I apologize for not updating last week and for being a day late with this strip. A combination of bronchitis, very little sleep, and accidentally taking on another part time job on top of my already awkward schedule has apparently resulted in me failing at drawing comics. Here’s hoping all of that gets fixed soon.

Dear Korea #132 - Take My Breath Away

First off, I do apologize for the lack of comic last week. For those of you who follow our Facebook Page, things got insanely busy. To top it off, this smoggy weather has been kicking my butt sideways, especially since my job likes to keep all the windows open.

I can’t speak for any other cities, but the smog here in Gwangju has been pretty bad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it get this bad during the 5+ years I’ve been here. Maybe I’m just being a baby about everything, but it’s been making me feel pretty gross. Here’s hoping it’s been better for everyone else! At the very least, I hope you’ve been able to work in a place that has good air filters.

I’m sick :(

I went into work this afternoon and had to leave in the middle of my last class because I felt like I literally couldn’t stand up. It was pretty embarrassing. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s missing work because of illness. I always feel like no one will believe me that I’m actually sick.

Especially since the day before I told my boss I’d like less work hours. My contract is for 25-35 hours per week, and for the past month I’ve had just about 35.  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but in Vietnam, 35 hours of teaching is considered a lot a lot, especially given the fact that I’m only getting $1000 USD per month. Yesterday I had five classes for a total of eight and a half hours, spanning from 7:30AM to 8:30PM.  So it’s possible that my long work hours have caused me to fall ill, and not infected food or mosquito bites!


So guess who picked a perfect time to get sick? There’s been this stupid bug going around all of Gwangju, and it chose to attack me this past weekend. Of course, it was polite enough to wait until a little after I was done with work, but I’m still annoyed that it’s here. I wonder if people out of town are getting this as well..

Sorry for the lack actual content this week. Despite my wishes, my roommate fed me all sorts of drugs and demanded that I stay in bed until I was feeling better. I managed to sneak away for a few minutes to draw and write this up. I’m sure I’ll get yelled at for it, but it’s worth it.

I hope everyone else has a nice week! Don’t get sick!

Dear Korea #102



HAPPY PEPERO DAY!! I was tempted to do another comic about those delicious chocolate biscuits (they have new flavors now!), but I resisted the urge.

For those of you that don’t know, many businesses in Korea are usually closed on Sundays. This includes pharmacies, stationary stores, and even certain restaurants. Not too long ago, a law was passed to close big chain stores on certain Sundays to help smaller businesses compete, so even those are out from time to time.

Dear Korea #088 - Not All Snacks


Weird weather makes me feel weird. I am so not looking forward to the hotter months. I wish I stopped feeling weird.

Despite my love for Korean food, I have been known to be terribly picky. As much as I adore most of the amazing street food this country has to offer, there are some things I just won’t touch. One of them is the dreaded beondegi (번데기).

Why So Sick?

I think I should color-code a calendar with all the illnesses I experience in Korea. In the States, I am a person that is rarely ill. I don’t know if it has to do with the different schedule, food, or what —but I am constantly sick in Korea. I seem to monkey-bar from cold, fever, stomach flu, constipation, UTI, alcohol-induced vomiting, and random bouts of nausea and dizziness. I should be thankful that I don’t get diarrhea, but since I just mentioned that, I’ll probably wake up with that tomorrow.

Yellow Dust (황사)

On a daily basis, I receive numerous concerned messages from friends and family about the possible nuclear attack from North Korea. Most advise (e.g. ask or beg) me to leave, but I’m staying cool. Honestly, I’m more concerned with yellow dust from China killing me.

So, since, yellow dust season is here, let me share some links to check the status of Korean air quality:

Fourteen days of work and I got my first cold from the kids....

Fourteen days of work and I got my first cold from the kids. During my last teaching contract, I was sick all the time. I learned to go to the doctor early and often. Whenever I waited, things got really bad.

I went to the doctor yesterday. I don’t think I have health insurance yet, but the cost was 13,000₩ to see the doctor (and use the nasal cleaning station) and 8,000₩ for three days of medicine (three times a day). That’s approximately $18.82 US. The entire process took about 40 minutes. Hope it works quickly!

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