Things Bengali salesman says to lady customers

If you ask a lady, what cheers you the most? I can guaranty you, the answer will be SHOPPING! lol :P Most of us ladies spend 90% of our money buying cosmetics, dresses, shoes, bags. ;) Not only that, we also love spending most of our free times roaming around places where things are at a cheap rate, or where there’s a a sale going on. We have our own research thesis about which place is better for what (i mean from above mentioned things ;) ), in terms of money or quality. Ha ha :D And in Bangladesh, when you go for shopping, you’ll hear some specific things from the seller. They are super cute, and they say way cuter things to convince you.

Korea Brand Spotlight ♥ Le Bunny Bleu Shoes 버니블루

Today I have a new adorable Korean brand to share with you, my lovely readers! This is a new hit shoe brand with girls in Korea and is a shop I instantly fell in love with when they first started popping up around Seoul around 2010~ welcome to the romantic vintage world of Le Bunny Bleu! Adorable shoes every girl needs in a range of yummy colors!

Shoe Frenzy | Seoul, South Korea

Itook this photo ages ago. A group of women in a frenzy over a sidewalk shoe sale. I just stand the hell back and stay out of the way.


Sidewalk Shoe Sale in Seoul


Street Shopping in Korea~ Wing Sandals

While taking a walk around Hongdae I found these adorable wing sandals being sold on the street!

How cute are these??

Cute Slipper Shopping in Korea

Slippers are a must in Korea since you have to take your shoes off when you enter a home~ you could use some ugly old simple slippers, but why not use something a bit cuter?? Here are some of my favorites! ♥  Keep in mind, Koreans often have a pair for the house, an extra cheap pair or two for guests, a plastic pair in the bathroom, and often a plastic pair for the patio area if you are lucky enough to have one of those!

♥ ♥ ♥

BTW~ Totally not just me leaving out other animals, but so many slippers in Korea seem to have just cats (usually black) or bunnies on them if it is a critter!

10000원Korea Shopping Find~ Pretty Bow Shoes ♥

10000원 Man Won Finds!

The other day around Sillim Station I found a new 10000원 (about $10) shoe store with lots of CUTE finds! I fell in love with these pastel school girl shoes with pretty big bows~ can’t say no to stuff this cute…especially when it is only $10. Seriously!

"I've got Brians in my Head, I've got Feet in my Shoes...

... I can steer myself any direction I choose."  (Oh Dr. Seuss, I love you!)

Last month for Teacher's Day, (yes Korea has a Teacher's Day and I've gotten some lovely and very heartwarming things because of it) I received a fancy envelope from the parents of my Kindergarten kiddos. 

Inside that fancy envelope was a fancy gift certificate to Centum City, "The Worlds Largest Department Store".  It was very generous, and don't worry (MOM) I wrote them all 'Thank You' cards the very next day. 


We are taking care of mens' fashion, offline shops at 8 branches of A-Land in Seoul,

we take your whole style from toe to top, there are some items for women, too.

the new arrival is color sunglasses, everyone can wear them,

it costs only 50,000 KRW.

we have also bags, shorts, everything what you need,

plz visit the page and ask anything what you want.

We are located in busan, near Seomyoen,

so if anyone want to buy things, we are willing to meet and you can see what you order in person!

this is our page on Facebook :


Shoe Spotting in Edae~ May

One thing I love about Edae is the amount of shoes they have!  Since it is a Uni area and students shop here you can often find things a bit more fun and colorful~ YES PLEASE! Here are some amazing finds I spotted this week!

♥ Lets look at some super cute shoes from Korea! ♥

Look at these fun shoes I made at Shoes of Prey. I would wear...

Look at these fun shoes I made at Shoes of Prey. I would wear these with a little black dress.

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