Historically Disreputable: Oncheonjang at Night

The entire neighbourhood of Oncheonjang stretches out from the wall-to-ceiling window of my 9th floor flat. It would be a glorious view of Mt. Geumjeong, if it weren’t for the three manky love motels across the street. Each night as the sun dips behind the mountain, my apartment is basked in their salacious pinky-purpley neon glow.



High School Gives Six-Page Prom Dress Guideline to Students

Hal David, principal for Cedartown High School in northwest Georgia is cracking down on sexy dresses at the prom this year.

“We’ve never had a problem until this year,”  says David. “It was at homecoming when we first saw the dresses our students were wearing — and they were inappropriate, unacceptable.”

Students were given a six-page handout explaining what they could and could not wear to the prom which included photos of acceptable and unacceptale attire.

The handout states:

On the Girl Strolling Seoul in a Bikini Promoting Politics. Is it Art? Who cares?


Sexy English Lesson Plan: Origami Butterfly & Imperitives Mashup

Teach English writing, speaking, and listening with this simple and fun lesson plan.

Level: Lower intermediate – advanced

Time: 50 minutes

Materials: Printer paper, scissors, computer, screen, projector

Objectives: S’s will be able to use the imperative and give instructions

Key Vocab: crease, fold (in half), edge, corner, tuck, horizontal, triangle, flap

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