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seoul lantern festival


Sometimes I joke about not wanting to get older and I’ve even felt a rush of anxiety prior to every birthday post 23-years, but in reality, I’m quite content with aging. With each year, I feel more like myself, more confident, wiser, more willing to open up to others, more in tune with what makes me happy and what does not, and more aware of what I feel is important in life. What others think about me becomes less important and instead, I care more so about what I think about myself. At 26, I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever felt before…well, not counting those earliest hooligan years when I was certain the most important thing in life was proving big foot and aliens existed, but you get my drift! I’m still a whole bunch of messiness and a little bit insane and probably always will be, but I’m okay with that and those that matter to me are as well.

Destination: Seoul Lantern Festival (2010)

UPDATED 14 Nov 2010 - the festival has been extended until November 21st. See the Joongang Daily article for more information.CORRECTED x2 9 Nov 2010 - thanks to Andrew in the comments for additional information.CORRECTED 8 Nov 2010 - thanks to Sara Sonsaengnim in the comments for additional information.The Lady in Red and I were dragging a bit Saturday night. After seeing some friends and a Tom

Seoul Lantern Festival - coming soon

Author's note: a version of this article is published in the November 2010 issue of the Groove.

In case you needed an excuse to head to Cheonggyecheon, here's an excellent one. The 2nd annual Seoul Lantern Festival (서울 세계등축제) will host dozens of gorgeous lanterns lighting up Cheonggyecheon. Go for the opening ceremony on the 5th if you want, or head down anytime to appreciate the lights. Though the lanterns will be up day and night, head there in the evening to catch them looking their best.

Destination: Seoul Lantern Festival 2009

The Seoul Patch beat me to the Seoul Lantern Festival by a day, but there's still a few great opportunities to check out the Lantern Festival, sponsored by the rather silly-named 'Visit Korea Year'. I've already written about that particular endeavor, but let's separate the chaff from the wheat - these lanterns are definitely worth seeing and experiencing.

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