Seomyeon Bars

Weekend Warriors vi: The Penis Bar

Always Good Yes Soju Bar – Seomyeon

BY MONIQUE SMITH Always Good Yes Soju Bar is an energetic dance bar where you can dance, drink, and have great conversations. The great thing about this place is they will play music for about 30 minutes, everyone gets up and dances, the manager orchestrates dance competitions on the “main stage”, the winners get free [...]

7 Things About Korea: Drinking Culture

Much like the neighboring Japanese, the Koreans have a rich drinking culture to go along with their near suicidal work ethic. But hey, if I worked as hard as the average Korean did - I'd be driven to drink copious amounts of alcohol too. I barely work half as much and I'm already borderline.


If you like a good drink, Korea is going to feel like a welcome homecoming to you. Not only is the stuff both cheap and readily available, but a large part of being a part of the foreigner crowd is getting out and socializing at the many bars, clubs, and... well... anywhere. Korea has no open bottle law, so you can roam the street with a 1.5 liter pitcher of Hite (Korean beer) and nobody will say boo. I wouldn't advise it though. We foreigners already have a bad enough reputation in this country.


Monglit wine bar, Seomyeon

The Monglit sign, from outside. Fourth floor.

Monglit, on the 4th floor

I don’t know about you, but sometimes in Korea, I forget to look up. Case-in-point: MONGLIT (pronounced Mong-Lee) on the fourth floor, next to the Daehan CGV in Seomyeon, near Judie’s Taehwa. I blame the cold winter weather that we’ve had till recently. In the colder months, we would emerge from the metro, heads down, to plow ahead to go to our pre-decided spots. Now that the weather has gotten nice, I can afford to expose my neck and face. Now it’s like Christmas morning; so many treasures (bars) above the second floor!

Progress Report

It's been a shade over two months since I got to Korea and it's high time that I give everybody back home (and around the world) an update on how life in Korea has been treating me this time around. Despite having near two years of experience with this confusing and sometimes frustrating corner of the world, Korea has managed to dish up plenty of fresh challenges for me in my third stint in the land of the morning calm.


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