A Beautifully Festive Display- The Garden Of Morning Calm Lighting Festival


It’s that time of year again- it’s snowy, it’s December and it’s time to feel Christmassy! I’m sure most expats would agree that Christmas isn’t a huge deal in Korea; sure, cafes are decorated prettily, there are Christmas-themed foods and drinks, and there are a few Christmas trees to make you feel festive. But compared to back home where Christmas spirit pretty much dominates the country as soon as Halloween is over and done with, Korea is somewhat lacking proper festivity.

Top 5 Foods to Beat the Overseas Blues

Ok, so you’ve made it! You have gone through all the paperwork and hard work it takes to get yourself overseas and to the start of your new adventure!! You have been busily embracing the culture and it’s cuisine and enjoying every minute of it! The only thing is you are starting to miss home, just a little. You’re feeling slightly sad and depressed and can’t seem to get out of the funk. Well nothing creates or cures homesickness more quickly than food. It’s amazing how your diet, especially a new one, can impact your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and moods.

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