Upcoming Busan Sand Festival




This weekend (29th May) sees the start of the Busan Sand Festival at Haeundae beach. The theme for this years festival is children’s stories (fairy tales) and there are some really excellent sculptures to greet the visitors.

For the last week I strolled along the beach to chat to the artists and see the progress they are making.

The first note, is that they are all professional sculptors and travel the world producing their art for all to see.

The sculptors come from Holland, Mexico, Korea, Italy, USA and Canada. To many of us, and I was one until this week, it just seemed that carving shapes in the sand was all that there was to this art form, but how wrong could we be! – I cannot even get a kiddies bucket of sand to stand up.

Tradition and the Lion

Tradition and the Lion

On the way to Oryukdo I found a Buddhist temple that seems relatively unknown to the tourist. It is in fact one of the learning centres for Buddhism, and a great opportunity for a few more photos.

A Thousand Years of Seoulitude: Weekend Return to Seoul!

Last weekend we had work off on Friday for Buddha’s Birthday, so we took the extra day and hopped on a bus to Seoul! Unlike my training week in Seoul a couple months ago, we had plenty of time to explore and be a tourist.

Me inside a hanger structure outside our hostel!

Me inside a hanger structure outside our hostel!

Sculptures | Busan, South Korea

Busan, Korea Sculptures


Busan Sculptures of Faces


Dadaepo Beach Sculpture | Busan, South Korea

Art Sculpture at Dadaepo Beach in Busan


Once old train station, Now open air art gallery

Korean Sculpture and Installation Art: Yong Ho Ji (지용호)

Yong Ho Ji (지용호) was born in Seoul in 1978 and studied in NYU after graduating from Hongik University (Hongdae). His work depicts mutant creatures made out of recycled tires. He started using tires because he wanted to work with his very own material and has been using the shapes and patterns of this rubber product to produce beautiful sculptures.
More info and pictures on his profile page on the Gana Gallery website.

Korean Sculpture and Installation Art: Do Ho Suh (서도호)

Do Ho Suh (서도호) is a contemporary Korean sculptor and installation artist born in Seoul in 1962, the son of famous traditional Korean Painter Sae Ok Suh (서세옥). He is one of the top selling contemporary artists both in Korea and worldwide with his work typically fetching hammer prices above $50,000. He now lives and works between the States and Korea.

Strange Things of Korea : Sculpture Parks, Part 3 (해신당공원)

Another scultpure park, this time entirely penis-themed. You can find in Samcheok. The origin of the wooden penis statues displayed in the park lays in a local legend. Here's an English version of the legend I found on the Korean tourism agency website:

Strange Things of Korea : Sculpture Parks, Part 2 (제주러브랜드)

As one comment correctly guessed in my previous post about sculpture parks, this will indeed be about penises. The Loveland park, located on Jeju Island is a sex themed museum. The sculptures are the work of two graduate of the prestigious Hongdae art school.
When I visited quite a while ago, I took a taxi from Jeju's main city but the driver didn't seem to know about the park. A very awkward conversation ensued during which I had to explain that I indeed wanted to see a park full of statues of oversized genitalia. Korea also has a sculpture park solely filled with statues of gigantic penises, but this will be the subject of another post! Anyways, here are some pictures:

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