Marmot’s Hole Podcast: North Korean Rocket

Robert Koehler and Chance Dorland discuss North Korea’s rocket launch & other recent stories.
 The duo also discuss the recent resignation of the president of Arirang TV, the English translation of praised Korean novel “The Vegetarian” and the recent security failures and other problems that have plagued Incheon International Airport.

The MERS Panic and Painfully Obvious Need to Clean-Up the Korean Regulatory State




I wrote a story about the South Korean MERS panic for this week’s Newsweek Japan (available here). Basically, I make the same argument as my friend Se-Woong Koo from Korea Expose (which you really need to start reading). The panic shows just how much South Korea needs to get its act together on public safety and competence in government.

LTW - Sex, Bribes, & Video, Flexed Stealth Muscle, & Asia FTA

1. National
1) U.S. flexes muscles while Kim Jongun still opens his big mouth
Cold and warm in Korean peninsula at the same time. Cold because the U.S. flew two B-52 Bombers from Guam, and another B-2 Stealth Bomber from Missouri to South Korea to scare the hell out of Kim Jongun while Pyongyang Central Broadcasting Station said ‘Supreme leader’ Kim Jongun ratified a strike plan against the U.S. mainland (Austin, Texas), American bases in Guam, Hawaii, and  South Korea.  Warm because North Korea still allows free flow of South Koreans in and out of Kaesong Industrial Zone north of DMZ where 123 South Korean companies are hiring 53,000 North Korean workers, and North Korea’s General Bureau of Tourism is telling Chinese tour operators, “Don’t worry. There will be no war in Korean peninsula. Send more tourists” Analysts think Kim’s vicious rhetoric against the U.S. and South Korea is rather toward North Koreans to reinforce his position in North Korea. 

Jenny Hyun and the Cyber Insanity

Korean-American songwriter Jenny Hyun is creating quite the stir for a string of racist comments she made via Twitter calling for, among other things, the “eradication of the black race.” All of this growing out of the overnight success of the nice kid from LA, Jeremy Lin.


ARKPop Podast #19 - Goodbye Lion

105:16 minutes (48.19 MB)


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