On Press Freedom


Roboseyo has a good post up about press freedom in Korea on his blog which I’d recommend to you.

Ten Reasons Why I Dislike Korea

There are plenty of reasons to like Korea, and there are plenty of reasons to love Korea, but it has to be said there is an equal number of reasons to dislike Korea.

I won’t call them the sunshine press today because I know that they are also prone to sharing the overcast afternoon news and the even more miserable dark November evening where it pisses down for what feels like a week news, but the Korean blogosphere has been up to its naughty tricks again. This time it has started to talk about reasons why Korea is worth loving, or liking…or tolerating…etc. That fellow Roboseyo whom I keep hearing about has the lowdown here.

12 Rules for Expat Life in Korea Contd.

Today has seen the Korean blogosphere dancing in the delights of this recent article of sorts on CNNgo.

Shocking stuff altogether.

Fortunately a few bloggers have jumped to protect Korea because Korea is such a wonderful perfect place that has never done anything wrong and shouldn’t be criticised for the realities its society presents. Grrrr. What I couldn’t get over was the general belief that this post was taken so seriously and the defence of Korea was so patriotic. So in defence of decency I will try to add my own flavour and sense of balance to this debate.

But first take a moment to read what has already been said:

Roboseyo: CNNgo Trolls Bloggers; 12 ACTUALLY useful tips for Expat life.

Re: 12 rules for expat life in Korea | Chris in South Korea – Travel and life in Korea.

12 Rules for Expats in Korea | David S. Wills.

Of course, no one here is right or wrong. It’s just … well… so what? As David S. Wills makes the point, anyone who reads the CNNgo post will – hopefully – realise that this is a little bit of jolly finger-pointing…at least I think that’s the point he made (I only had a few minutes to read so I read quickly, as in quicker than ‘scan’ reading).

Anyway, the balancing act courtesy of me. Drum rolls please!!!!

1. Learn to Drink Like a Fish – Yes, do! You’ll have a great time. Forget about how much Koreans drink – I don’t think most of these other bloggers have ever seen how much English teachers in Korea drink! And, on that point, I am assuming that the people who move to Korea are adults and can make their own decision as to how much they drink. My personal preference is to drink as much as I can and learn from your mistakes (I always try to smile and say please and thank you). I am assuming you, the reader, have strong enough self esteem to make your own decisions. 

Exploring Korea#3 w/ Roboseyo

50:41 minutes (23.21 MB)
Exploring Korea#3
March 3, 2010
Guest Rob Ouwehand of The Roboseyo Blog is our guide to enjoying the sites, sounds, and nightlife of Seoul

2S2, February style

Roboseyo graciously allowed the Lady in Red and I to host February's 2S2 event - something I'm proud to say went ahead very well. Our first stop was The Swing for a beginner's lesson in swing dancing - something that might come in very handy later.

Before long, the ten of us made our way to A Twosome Place - where every 2S2 meets - for some excellent coffee and conversation.

The first major highlight was 마나님 - an excellent restaurant in Samcheong-dong known for its fermented food.

No plans this weekend? 2S2 features a great duo

This Saturday's 2S2 will feature the tag-team of Dan from Seoul Eats and Rob from Roboseyo: (copied and pasted from Roboseyo's post on this month's 2S2):

2S2's next meeting - want to see some snowboarding?

Roboseyo's 2S2 is meeting up this weekend (second Saturday at 2pm, thus '2S2') - this month's activity: going to the Snowboarding Event in Gwangwhamun plaza. The stuff they've already set up looks great, so meet up at the Twosome Place Cafe near Anguk Station (line 3, exit 1) at 2pm.

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