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Stones in the Riverside

Stones in the Riverside

this stones in riverside, located in wolgot, siheung city, gyeonggi do

After Sunset

After Sunset

this image  i taken  in yeongdeungpo, Seoul.. i was taken this moment  after  sunset...more or less 30minutes   ago.

Sungsan Bridge

Sungsan Bridge

sungsan bridge, is  beautyful  bridge ,located in  Yangwa dong Seoul , 

Kayang Bridge

Kayang Bridge

this image  is Kayang Bridge,  standing in HanganRiver

S-bend Sunset

S-bend Sunset

The sun sets over the Suncheon Wetlands, as seen from Yongsan Observatory.

Troubled Water

A Boring Film of Bangkok

Bangkok is many things to many different people. For Kyeonghwa and I, it was at first a scary shithole after someone stole our bags from a Tuk-tuk.

However, after a few days I grew into the city. So much so that I eventually got bored of the place and was glad to leave.

Anyways, here’s an incredibly boring video of Bangkok which even managed to miss out on all the important sites! Enjoy

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Go ride a bike.


A Seoul Spring on the Han

Something about being near water is simply relaxing. When the weather finally agrees to reward Seoul, Korea with a mild and sunny day after a brutally long winter people tend to flock to the Han River. Here are 10 ways to enjoy the river in the coming months.



photo credit: my cool friend James

1) Banpo Bridge

By the Winter River by Ahn Do-hyun

Translated by Chae-Pyong Song and Anne Rashid


By the Winter River by Ahn Do-hyun (1961- )

The river
took pity on the delicate snowflakes,
which jumped down into none other than the river water
and disappeared, melting shapelessly.
So, it tossed and turned,
to change its posture
before the snowflakes hit its water.
Every time it turned, the river water made a fierce sound.
the innocent snow fell endlessly,
and the river,
from the night before,
began to form thin ice, starting from its edge,
in order to save the snow with its own body.

겨울 강가에서–안도현

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