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Top 5 Souvenirs You Should Buy in Korea


What do you usually buy as souvenirs when you travel other countries? Small magnets? Cards? Or key chains? You may have had an experience of buying some souvenirs that only took a large portion of your suitcase and never looking at them again. So, Trazy recommends you the top 5 souvenirs from Korea that you won’t regret buying at all.

Rachel’s Tiny Kitchen #1 – RICE COOKER CHICKEN WINGS!

I have always enjoyed cooking, but boy did I take for granted my kitchen and oven in the States! Since moving to Korea I’ve had to adapt the way I cook completely. From having no counter space, to replacing ingredients with things available here, to trying to make delicious cakes in a small toaster oven, I’ve done it all! There have been a lot of failed experiments and total disasters in my tiny kitchen(stories I may have to share soon!), but along the way I’ve learned a lot about how to make your tiny kitchen as efficient as possible and still make delicious food!

A rice cooker is an ex-pat’s best friend!

Since moving to South Korea I have met many wonderful people and made a lot of great friends, however, none can compare to the friendship I now share with my rice cooker! I realize that may sound like I have a no friends and am just trying to make up for it with a clever post, but I assure you this is not the case!

So, if you are living and working abroad, chances are that you have a very small kitchen with a very small counter and only 1 burner to work with (if you happen to have two, I envy you!). I have been asked on several occasions about how I make this kitchen set up work since I cook most of my food at home. Well, this is why I have come to depend so greatly on my rice cooker. Besides making just rice, which by the way you can increase the nutritional value of simply by using brown rice instead of white, it cooks so many other things! Here is a brief list: rice, lentils, banana bread, bread, pizza crust, oatmeal, and cobbler.

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