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For those of you who may be interested in writing, tools to help your writing, writer and writing related new media and technology, and even literature, webzines, websites, I’ve started another new blog where I plan to review these. I’m quite interested in this kind of stuff and I’ve been thinking about it for a while so I decided to just get on with it. If you think there’s anything worth reviewing, please get in touch with me.

I’ve only one post up so far but drop by again and see what’s going on. I’ve linked it to my twitter account so if you follow me there the links should be posted directly from there.

Of course, before I forget…

Seculine Pro DiskII

The Seculine Pro Disc II

Sunday Reading Posts

In this new section in the Sajin, I am going to review the vast library of ebooks that I have collected over the past few years. I feel that these are a great way to spend a sunday evening after a great weekend. Typically, I read everything that I can on the different subjects that will promote my craft and give me the tools to be a better photographer. Now, these won’t always be directly on the topic of photography but they will be on topics that will help you get your name out, improve your blog and handle your business.

The purpose of this new section to The Sajin is to address the growing demand in Korea for english-language materials to aid in helping with the above topics and to showcase the ever-growing electronic library of excellent material that talented photographers, bloggers, and other smart people have been creating.

Flash Light Photography Workshop: Recap


Participants test some of the new skills they learned during Saturday’s Workshop in Busan.

Flashlight Workshops BUSAN: Off Camera Flash

These days I have been hearing a lot of talk about workshops for photographers in Korea. No doubt they exist but are probably hard to come by in English. Fortunately, Flashlight Expeditions is running regular workshops around the country to meet the needs of aspiring photographers.

Busan Workshop

On June 16th, Dylan Goldby will be in the bright lights of Busan, to make it even brighter by showing us how to use  off camera flash. This is one of the trickiest things to master with photography in some senses, but a working knowledge will payoff in the long run. Dylan will cover wide range of topics directly related to you, the photographer who wants to learn about off camera flash in Korea. Here is what the course will entail (excerpt from

Back Button Focusing

So I picked up a great ebook by James Brandon and it was great! In there he talked about a number very useful techniques that will help improve the sharpness of your photos before they hit photoshop! This is something that we all need to take a bit of time and study rather than relying on the myriad of techniques to compensate for what should have been taken care before hitting the shutter release.

iMo Camera Straps


The camera strap is one of those things that comes in the box and most people don’t even think about. They just stick it on the camera and BOOM that’s that. However for those of us who have had the unfortunate displeasure of lugging around a 70-200mm lens stuck on a DSLR with a battery pack, you will soon realize that a comfortable strap in something of a necessity. For others, the standard Nikon or Canon straps are too “boring” and they want to express themselves a little bit more or just make their black box stand out from the rest.

The Point-and-Shoot: Dying Technology

Recently I have had the chance to play around with two recent iterations of the classic digital point-and-shoot. Now I am not going to start a rant about whether a point-and-shoot is worth of being mentioned on this blog or what not. I am also not going to start up that age old discussion about whether or not they are better than a fully-loaded DSLR. Nope, I am going to discuss the revelation I had when I cracked open the box to a new Samsung MV-800.

Sony and Samsung

Time Lapse and Intervalometers


Renting Camera Gear in Korea

A little while ago a reader emailed me about renting camera gear. Honestly, I thought that it was possible in Korea, especially for foreigners. I know it is a silly notion because these services are very common in the West, especially in the US. However, it never crossed my mind until someone emailed me about it.

With some research I have found a few places that you can rent gear. A special thanks goes out to the SPC for their informative posts on this, they were really helpful.

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