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Millak Raw Fish Market

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Do you remember that one scene in Oldboy? The scene which, after you watched it, you never forgot and needed therapy to recover from? You know, that scene, the one where Oh Dae-Su eats a living octopus? Well, our recent lunch at the Millak Raw Fish Market brought me as close to the experience of being Oldboy as I ever need to get.

On entering the world’s largest sashimi hall, I was strangely giddy, but also dreadfully nervous. Jürgen and I have eaten sushi, but never full plates of sashimi, which is just sliced-up raw fish. But we had a trump card up our sleeves: a booster shot of bravery. Our friend Young-mi was visiting from Germany. It was something I’d carefully orchestrated. Young-mi runs Kimchi Princess, the most popular Korean restaurant in Berlin, and with her at our side, we could eat anything! (Not only would she reassure us with her knowledge, but shame us with her mockery. Like all good friends, Young-mi has no problem letting us know when we’re being pussies).

Juice Fast Day 5

Juice Fast Day 5 – The Finale

I’d be lying if I said wasn’t looking forward to a hot curry or a lasagna. I’ve really enjoying this fast but I’ll be happy when it’s over.

Juice Fast Day 4

Juice Fast Day 4

Kitchen machines are attractive. Their shiny exterior, compact nature and creative niches. By inserting a few ingredients and flicking a button, the machine comes to life with a whirl and gargle creating magic in moments. No wonder I became so excited by my new juicer.

My juicer is a centrifugal juice extractor

The motor can run anywhere between 3000RPM to 7000RPM, making centrifugal juicers the fastest of all the juicers in juice kingdom. It’s like having a drill in the kitchen. I love mine because not a single part of the jug comes into contact with the engine, or is able to dribble into it. It’s a superb design. Even the little cleaning brush fits perfectly into the spout. Bonus: It’s also easy to clean.

Juice Fast Day 3

Juice Fast Day 3

My skin is radiant. I’m positive that the unflattering dark circles under my eyes have decreased by at least half, and that’s after only 2 days of juice! My skin feels softer and my skin tone is more even.

I exercised again last night, without any difficulty and slept like a baby. Have I mentioned that I’ve never done a juice fast before? Not once. Or that I’m very excitable and jump into things before I’m fully prepared? It’s true. And whilst researching new combinations of vegetables to be crushed in my juice machine, I’ve learnt new ways to increase the amount of protein in my juice.

Juice Fast Day 2

Juice Fast Day 2

I’m actually feeling pretty good. No dizziness, no exhaustion and no body odor – that I’m aware of.

I slept well last night. For a mere 7 hours, whereas I would normally sleep for at least 8. As I wasn’t tired, I continued to play peek-a-boo with Mungmi (sweet shitzu) into the wee hours. Perhaps I was so energized because I exercised at 6pm, but running that late is not unusual. In fact, I had sufficient energy to run 9kms,  a decent distance, and felt rather invigorated afterwards.

Bathroom visit have been frequent,  but of one kind and not the other. Not surprising as I’ve digested little fiber. I have been drinking juice every two hours or so, supplemented by Rooibos tea (highly recommended) and lots of water.

Juice Fast Day 1

Juice Fast Day 1

Friends have lost a lot of weight by juice-fasting, but that wasn’t my only motivation to spend the week sipping from a bottle. I’ve read and seen a lot of studies and first-hand experiences of the benefits your body receives from fasting. Historically people have fasted for days to weeks out of religious devotion. But beyond reflection of the mind, it’s been suggested that this time of quiet for the stomach gives your body the chance to cleanse toxins and rest.

So let’s see what happens in 7 days. I’ll post juice recipes, my moods and ultimately if I lose a few pounds.

What I (and my boyfriend) reportedly have to look forward to:

How A Healthy Diet Could Save Your Heart

An article in Time magazine claims that fruits and veggies can halt people’s genetic predispositions to heart problems. For vegetarians and health conscious eaters, it may come as no surprise to hear that fruits and vegetables are good for your heart, but scientists consider this study scientifically interesting because the findings suggest that we don’t need to fall victim to bad genes.

Film Drop: B&W, Kodak Tmax 400, Ilford Delta 3200, Ilford hp5

I broke my collarbone skateboarding last weekend and since then I’ve been digging through the archives a bit. I can’t do anything active or get a camera up to my eye yet, so there’s not too much else to do. Here are a few B&W rolls I dug out from the past few months.



The Octopus and I

Something I have always wanted to do since I watched Oldboy eight years ago was eat a live octopus.

Today I finally decided to do it and went to Noryangjin, Seoul. Once there I bought two octopuses – by accident, as I only wanted one – and went to a nearby restaurant, where a much needed beer was readied to wash the cephalopod down.

This is a video of me eating Octopus no.2.

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