Happy Pepero Day

South Korea — 해피 빼빼로 데이~ Aside from Valentine’s day and White day, today marks another sweet occasion especially for high school students and couples. Today, Korea celebrates Pepero day. If one haven’t heard about Pepero, it’s a pretzel covered with chocolate, white or dark, almonds, melon or strawberry produced by Lotte. It can be compared to Japan’s snack called Pocky.

Why do Korean ahjumas or ahjummas have curly hair?

So I asked kimchi boy: why do 99.9% of ahjummas (aka korean ladies who are .. older) in Korea perm their hair? It was as if all ladies went to the same hair salon to get the same exact hairstyle. 

I am not sure whether he was joking but he said that there is actually a sad story behind it - many of them are from post-war period and in those days, people were poor and they had to perm their hair so that they don't have to wash it so often and it was easy to maintain (it was the cheaper option). This does not make sense to me because.. Don't you have to pay money to get a perm -.- anyway he said that a perm is the cheapest in a hair salon, and sadly, there are a fair majority that think they actually look nice with permed hair.

Is this true?

Of Men and Fear


Under the streetlight glow, I’m walking to the next place on a Saturday night. I walk past a group of men clasping each other’s shoulders in a drunken lean, languishing down the street, blocking the path with their pace. I hear them start to make some noise and it’s directed towards me.

“Heeeeey shorty why you alone? (Oooo look at her. Where she going?) HEEEEEY~”

A cold feeling washes over me. Disgust. I choose to pretend I don’t hear them. There are too many people on the street ahead so I can’t escape. One of them gets mad.


Goodbye 2013

Here we are, saying goodbye to this 2013 and I’m not sure how to feel about it, given that my Christmas was a total fail, not that I didn’t enjoy partying with 1000 people and 30 rapers but THAT wasn’t a real Christmas party, anyway, Facebook keeps asking me if I want to see my “2013 review” and NO facebook, I do not want to do it, instead, I decided to make my own end of the year review (this should be fun, right?)

TV show recording and Why I want a kid


I've been wanting to blog for some quite some time, but I just can't do it... I feel like I'm being watched... you know?? (I'm talking to you Stalker out there!)

Anyway, we are back in Japan, actually, we've been in Japan for a week now, I miss Korea A LOT, and more than the land itself, I miss all the friends we made there :(

I guess I'll blog more about the last couple of weeks later since its almost 3am and I don't think my roommates will like my typing lol.

Meanwhile...here are some pics!

One Month and a Bit: photos from Korea, August to October, 2013

As I said, I’ve been back in Korea for a little over a month and a bit. Plenty has happened, including Chuseok, the IAK ceili, a trip to Herself’s grandmother’s farm, walks into and out of work, and a little bit of a trip to a theme park.

Here is a simple photo update of the past 40 odd days. Some have had some editing, others go up in their natural state, so to speak.

All photographs copyright Conor O’Reilly, 2013


Rando Man

The photo below does not inspire much, I imagine. It is in many respects quite depressing. A dry and slightly burnt piece of toast, a cold strip of streaky bacon, and the end of a rather watery looking class of orange juice, all wrapped around a white circular border. It is, other than the leftovers from my breakfast, a pitifully ordinary scene worth no moment of fame in any media. It is not artistic, so don’t go thinking it is. The loose crumb is only a loose crumb, the juice was as I left it, as was the toast and bacon. Just to the right was a eggy plate and a mug with a thin brown layer of leftover coffee. The photo was entirely random. So why bother?



I feel like I've been neglecting this blog and I'm terrible sorry!!

I've been working full this these past weeks and things are getting a bit crazy over here, I wish I could tell you all about it already, but I don't want to say anything until everything is completed...

But hopefully, I'll be able to get MORE and BETTER updates in a couple of months, I know the rest of May, June and July will be crazy, specially July because we are working on moving out and that's all I can say for now.

Anyway, if you are already here, I hope you can find something useful, if you can't find it or have any questions, let me know and I'll try to write about it or at least point you some place where you can find your answer!! :)

-Gisela V. 

“In Memorium” – New Planet Cabaret

More submitting by me here (and you wonder why I’ve had so few minutes to spare). This was for RTE Radio 1′s ARENA show which has been hosting a radio based creative writing course (yes you read that right) called New Planet Cabaret, with the assistance of the very competent and energetic Dave Lordon (I’d say more but I haven’t read much of his poetry so…).

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