racial discrimination

Go support some fellow expats at the Filipino market

It's a little disheartening to read "Seoul’s Filipino market to be cut in half" because of 'complaints from local residents'. So says the Joongang Daily:

Is Korea making you racist?

Take a look at this picture. Go on, take a nice long look:

OK, so what was your first - your very FIRST reaction? If your first reaction had anything to do with the Korean drinking culture, the nightlife of Korean men, or the effects of too much soju, than congratulations - you may be a racist.

Followup: Korean man harassing foreigners gets slapped on fingers

From the Korea Beat comes the follow-up story about the Korean man indicted for racial harassment - and it isn't particularly good news (original story from the Hankyoreh):
In the end, on August 28th the Bucheon branch indicted Mr. Park on charges
of criminal insult. From indictment to pronouncement of sentence typically takes
one month. The media widely reported it as the country’s first punishment of
racial discrimination. The “t-shirt man” must have learned Prof. Hussein’s face
about that time.

The bill banning racial discrimination heats up

Not too long ago, I wrote about some proposed legislature that would ban racial discrimination in Korea. While fully in favor and supportive of the bill, I wonder just what it is that's getting the infamous Korean netizens riled up. From the Korea Herald:
Rep. Jun Byung-hun of the main opposition Democratic Party on Sunday posted the draft of his racial discrimination bill on his online blog [which of course isn't linked to!], which has led to heated debate among the online community.

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