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Obama Wimps out on Egypt

The revolution in Egypt is not Islamic

Alarming China Factoid of the Day

Beijing’s R&D budget: 5 trillion yuan (US$758.4 billion)

Sean Darby, Asia strategist for Nomura international (HK) Ltd., estimated the amount of spending over the next five years in a report this week at 5 trillion yuan (US$758.4 billion), an even bigger amount than the mammoth – and successful – 4 trillion yuan stimulus package announced by the central government in 2008 as an attempt to minimize the impact of the global financial crisis.

Hugh Peyman, the managing director of Research-Works, the leading independent equities research firm based in China, told Asia Sentinel that “It will be larger than people think. We are 60 percent of the way through a 25-year program to get R&D up to 2 percent of GDP, yet 75 percent of the spending lies ahead in the last decade to 2020.”


The Who – Substitute

Music video by The Who performing Substitute. (C) 1988 Polydor Ltd.

A Random Succession of Times

Red Links, 9-25-10

The EconomistIt’s the “China Lurking” edition. Whether it’s in Juba, Tokyo, or Pyongyang, or in the wallet and in the White House, Chinese actions in its backyard and farther abroad are stirring trouble. And, for Indians, comparisons with China are in the foreground because of the hash New Delhi is making of the Commonwealth Games. I’ve never thought highly of white elephant sporting events as economic engines, so I hope the Indians can end the fad altogether.

As for the Sino-Japanese row over goat-infested islands, I see no reason to change my opinion here.

The Night Lights of Busan

Busan Port

Originally uploaded by flowing river

Sukjin Kim snapped this dazzling port-view photograph of South Korea’s second-largest city, Busan.

Blue Crabs Oozing Oil

Nobody Else’s Doing It! (Video)

My wife has no sense of humor – hates any talk of those embarrassing northerners or their southern paleo-conservative cousins – but this is just hilarious! (via Nukes of Hazard et al)

Red Links, 8-26-10

Teaching English?The topic of resource wars has become a continuing fascination for me in my grad studies. The topic combines war and three of my favorite things, food, water, and cheap electricity. So, KNOC looking for oil gets my attention. But, so does Brazil and America’s ebbing power. The Economist has taken a principled stance, that neither Democrat nor Republican knows much about the state of the world economy. Finally, how much military force do advanced states need?

August Links Dump

Teaser: the hypocrisy of praising sex, Noynoy’s follies, the entertaining Koreas, nuclear Japan, and Tyler Cowen defending Bruce Cumings

Red Links, 7-31-10

Jon BerkeleyYes, I missed last week – apologies. This week brings disappointment leavened with hope – for carbon taxes, CCT’s, and sorting out the banking system and the world economy in general. I am, however, partial to a counter-terror strategy in Afghanistan. But, maybe I should read the WikiLeaks’ trove of documents now.

The Most Dangerous Man in America (Video)

I had to remember how much I despised intelligence-gathering. I can’t decide if Dana Priest and William Arkin are fools, serviceable or otherwise. There are moral limits to human perfectibility, beyond which lies something that is incomprehensibly other than human.

I had another chance to watch the excellent documentary about Daniel Ellsberg, The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers – Trailer

A German Kind of Conservatism I Could Support (Video)

Read this shirt (The Economist)The Economist takes to task with a scalpel Congressional opponents of extending unemployment benefits.

There are two main reasons why Republicans oppose extending benefits: because the country cannot afford it, and because benefits, they believe, have given the unemployed an incentive to stay out of work. Neither reason is well founded.

The Truth about Tax Cuts and Deficits

Social Security Is NOT a Pyramid Scheme, Penn! (Video)

Easy Money” is a Penn & Teller Bullshit! episode with all the trademark gimmicks and attitude, but with a screaming flaw – Penn Jillette’s Social Security tirade.

Trinity Atomic Bomb Test

Red Links, 07-10-10

KAL's Cartoon, 07-08-10This week’s editorials admonish the various culprits, i.e., President Sarkozy, IPCC, justly. I chose the quickest summary of the East Anglia emails scandal conclusions because brevity accentuates how ridiculously tedious the slander campaign really was. But, The Economist missed a chance to admonish another culprit in every case: US. I mean, how long can readers of The Economist, for one, persist in such blithering naivete? I can forgive non-subscribers. But, most educated readers with at least two years of elementary school on their resume should know the difference between the bluster of public life and the earnestness of the private.

Red Links, June 11, 2010

Sarah in Righty-Tighty LandI decided it was time for another feature. Since The Economist is my one remaining subscription, which means it’s my newspaper, I should be more forthcoming and deliberate about my opinions toward it. I’ve read the weekly newspaper since March 1985, and here’s a record of my comments. So, here are this week’s leaders:

White Mountain Links, 6-04

The Wrath of KanSo, this month’s schedule sucks, and I have to resort to dumping links into posts like this. It gives you a notion of what I do read, and instead of forcing it all into a post that not even I can unpack, I’ll just tell you what I read and am thinking about.

1. Special Report: Chaos in North Korea Coverage

2. Hatoyama Resignation Boost to DPJ

3. Regime Change?

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