UCLA student David Cho wins Freedom From Fear Award

After writing a farewell letter to friends and family in case he was deported, UCLA student David Cho publically announced his status as an undocumented immigrant during his second year at college. Cho, who graduated this spring, told New America Media that he wanted to put a “human face” on the issue to help bring about change.

Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang runs for Congress

Mayor Sukhee Kang of Irvine, CA announced on today (7/1) that he will be running for the United States Congress. In an announcement letter stating his candidacy, he gave an overview of his mission:

America needs leaders in Congress with real world experience to help our nation create jobs, balance the budget, improve education, protect our environment and preserve our medicare system. This is exactly the kind of experience and proven record of accomplishment that I will bring to Washington.

KAs@Work: Manny Kim of M Grill

KAs@Work is a new series that profiles Korean Americans and their jobs. Want to share what you do, or know of people with interesting jobs? Get in touch.

Just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Koreatown, L.A., is M Grill, a classy restaurant with a “Hollywood” feel. With endless bowls of cheese bread and protein-packing gauchos serving tables around us, we tried to keep the drool in our mouths while we interviewed Manny Kim, the owner of this Brazilian BBQ paradise.

What do you do?

KB Interview with Singer/Actress Megan Lee

Most 15-year-olds are simply trying to find their way around the complications of teenage life. But for YouTube Superstar Megan Lee, life seems to be full of joy and music. Her down-to-earth attitude and passion to touch others through her music and acting is definitely infectious. Korean Beacon was lucky enough to snag an interview with the “cutiepie” a.k.a “Happy Virus,” and talk about her experiences and upcoming projects.

KB: You were on MBC’s Star Audition earlier this year, how was that experience for you?

KAs@Work: Tai Kim of Scoops

KAs@Work is a new series that profiles Korean Americans and their jobs. Want to share what you do, or know of people with interesting jobs? Get in touch.

More often than not, we all get that hankering for some good ice cream during the summer season. We’ve tried Baskin Robins and Ben and Jerry’s, but where can you find some good brown rice green tea ice cream?

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon re-elected for second term

Korean American celebrated as American war hero

In a list compiled by MSN for Memorial Day, Col. Young-Oak Kim (1919-2005) was named as one of 16 greatest war heroes to have served the United States. Kim, honored for his service during World War II and the Korean War, was a second-generation Korean American born in Los Angeles in 1919, The Chosun Ilbo reports. The newspaper also noted that Kim served as a combat troop and eventually became the first Asian American battalion commander.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee’s New Writing Venture ‘Depilation Nation’

As there continues to be an increased interest in Asian-American literature, Marie Myung-Ok Lee, author of Somebody’s Daughter and Visiting Lecturer of creative writing at Brown University, offers another perspective of life for Korean-Americans in her new project, Depilation Nation.”

Sung Kim nominated to be the next U.S. Ambassador to South Korea

Sung Kim, 51, the Special Envoy for the Six-Party Talks, is reported to have been nominated to succeed Kathleen Stephens as the U.S. Ambassador to Korea. Kim is currently awaiting approval of the Senate and the recipient country, but Korean news sources have already published congratulatory articles to celebrate the potential appointment. According to Korean JoongAng Daily, Kim, if confirmed, will take office as early as this August, becoming the first ethnically Korean official to assume the position since the beginning of diplomatic relations with Korea in 1882.

A New Style and Song from IZ

We interviewed Korean American rapper, IZ, a few months ago. Check it out here!

IZ recently came out with a new song called Paper Chaser and all we can say is that it’s smooth and a nice change of pace from his other material.  We can see this song being a nice song to dance to at the club and think the music video is creative.  Check out the music video below and for more info go to:

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