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A Mighty Weekend

It began with sushi.

There's a terrific new sushi restaurant near my place. It's a Japanese chain and very cheap - most everything is only 1,500 won. The place is large and brightly lit, with four separate conveyor belts that carry all types of fishy goodness. Each table has its own touch screen, on which you order anything that you don't already see cruising by. The order is sent back to the kitchen, where the food or drink is then placed on a bullet train, which shoots it to your table on a track above the belt. It's all wacky Jappy and completely awesome. I want to go every day.

Original Mother-In-Law Diary

Sometimes I look at the other expats here, living the wild single-guy lifestyles we westerners imagine so unique, edgy, cool. Booze and broads and late-night drunken motor-scooter adventures in our Korean-Western micro-culture here in Busan. Then I wonder if my lot is rather dull. I am not one, as much as I have tried at times, to enjoy the Gonzo, too-cool lifestyle. I‘m married, with two kids, and live with my mother-in-law. I work a hellish schedule, hoping to one day afford economic opportunities for my wife and boys, and of course for me. It‘s dull. I get sick of the brats and mothers, and college class-skippers and crying babies, day in and day out, a seemingly never-ending cycle.

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