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Photography Spots in Korea – Series V – Jinju Namgang Lantern Festival

James Manuel`s Photography

The fifth in our series on Photography Spots in Korea, we will experience the magnificient yet humble, Yudeung Lantern Festival on the banks of Namgang river through the lenses of James Manuel from Kerala, India.

James Manuel`s Photography

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Lantern Festival

Photography Spots in Korea – Series IV – Korea, the true haven for photography


The fourth in our series on Photography Spots in Korea, we will uncover the true beauty of South Korea through the photographic eyes of Tarun Chopra from India. Tarun will take us through Jeju, Gyeongju, Suwon, Muuido and other interesting places in Korea.

Jeju Island

Oedolgae Rock on the shores of Sammaebong in Seougwipo City, Jeju. A beautiful 20meter high standing rock, with deep blue water surrounding it. It was a quiet calming place on the Jeju olleh Route.

Photography Spots in Korea – Series III – Korean Markets

Korean Markets Gochu

The third in our series on Photography Spots in Korea, we have Colin Roohan from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a photographer, writer, and teacher who has been exploring the globe in search of creative inspiration. In this series we will follow him, through his pictures, in the traditional markets of Korea.

Photography Spots in Korea – Series II – Exploring Korea

Ulgi Park at Ulsan

If you enjoyed our last series – Photography Spots in Korea – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring by Ranjitha Jeurkar, then you would enjoy this even more. Because in this series we have 7 budding photographers from India sharing their pictures and insights about places to visit in Korea.

In this series we will showcase photographs of my dear friend Prashant Soni, Abhijit Jadhav, Shravan Kumar Nagabandi, Ameet Jeed, Neha Mittal, Dr. Preeti Mishra and Sandeep Sangwan.

Photography Spots in Korea – Series I – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring


The following is the first in our series of Photography Spots in Korea. In this series, our guest writer Ranjitha Jeurkar shares her top photography destinations in South Korea for the 4 seasons -

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Colourful autumns, snowy winters, flowering cherry trees in the spring and outdoor activities in the simmer – Seoul, Korea, is a photographer’s paradise.

Visiting Seoul’s Five Grand Palaces on a Jet Charter

South Korea’s village of Hahoe, home to the Hahoe Mask dance

Hahoe Village Andong

The historic village of Hahoe is home to the famous Hahoe mask dance and attracts curious visitors from all over the world. The village is located about 268 kilometers to the southeast of Seoul in South Korea and is a well-preserved home of the country’s traditional culture. It comes as no surprise, then, that this is the place where the iconic Hahoe masks originated and it is also a fantastic place to see them still being used in dances.

51 Things to do in Seoul


If you are in Seoul for a week or a month or a year, there are so many things to do in Seoul that it will always keep you on the move. And because of its highly efficient public transportation all the places listed below are easily accessible by Subway Trains, Buses and Taxis, making it very convenient even for the first time visitors of Seoul. So here are the 51 things you can add to your to-do list when you plan to visit Seoul.

Exploring Seoul

Boseong Nok Chha Baat (Boseong Green Tea Fields)


Tea came to Korea from China over 2000 years ago. The Chinese drank tea to cleanse their body after eating oily food. The Japanese drank tea as an herbal remedy and the Koreans drank tea for releasing stress and wisdom.

Arirang UCC Contest Season 2 – MY K-POP 2


Spreading the Korean Wave – Hallyu… An Arirang TV Initiative.

Arirang UCC Contest Season 2


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