Places to Visit in Korea

Top 6 destinations to travel this summer in Korea

Korea is among the world best destinations since it offers a variety of experiences. This ranges from tourist attraction sites, entertainment sports and other fun activities. The country is surrounded by beautiful mountains, cultural activities, surrounding oceans and historical places. Here are the top 6 destinations to travel this summer in Korea for people on tourism and other business activities.

The Buddhist temples of Korea

If you are planning to visit Korea this summer, the first attraction point to take a tour of is the countries Buddhist temples. The Buddhist temples are build inside the mountain territories, deep inside thus giving one more adventure. The temple of Haeinsa is among the best choice you have to visit this summer. In fact, it is among the best three. Inside, you will get the Tripitaka Koreana, considered the national treasure. Other temples include Songgwansa, Hedond Yonggunsa and Tongdosa temples.

The Top Must Visit Places for First Time Ulsan Travelers

The fact that not many people have visited the city of Ulsan can be intriguing. Even if the city is more popularized by its history of whale-hunting and several petrochemical plants, car manufacturing units and one of the largest shipbuilding facilities in the world surrounding the city, Ulsan still has plenty of great things to offer travelers. The city’s reputation may not be an apt one to attract waves of backpackers to the city, rather it helps in keeping the tourists out of the geographical boundaries of the city.

Top 5 delightful destinations in Korea

Korea has been one of the most loved tourist destinations by the people all over the world. The tourist attractions for one in Korea are ample and provide one with all kinds of fun and pleasurable activities to attain total leisure and an optimum level of enjoyment of one’s holiday. Though there are many available options as tourist spot that are fun to visit and have pure luxury and joy, all the individuals visiting Korea are advised to visit some of the top most must visit locations of Korea as they are considered not be missed upon when travelling to Korea due to their wonderful hospitality and ultimate fun that they happen to provide to the tourist. Some of the top most delightful destinations of Korea are mentioned below:

1. Jindo (Jin Island)

Seoul Best 71 – Android App to Plan and Visit the Best Places in Seoul.

Seoul Best 71 is an Android App for anyone who wants to explore Seoul. This App helps you plan your visit in Seoul. If you are visiting Seoul for the first time then let this app be your guide for the best places to visit in Seoul.
Even if you have been staying in Seoul for quite some time, you can use this app to track the places you have visited and check if you have missed out on anything.

For someone who is coming to Seoul for a short period of time can check Seoul Top 20 places that you can explore in a week. And for someone who wants to explore Seoul in and out can check all the 71 Best Places in Seoul. This app can help you plan the places you would like to visit and the places that you have already visited.

Spring Festivals In Korea

Spring is perhaps the best time of year to visit Korea. Not only is a time when the cold wind of winter has disappeared and the warm air arrives, but also it is a time of great beauty. As the blossoms appear on the trees the country is filled with a myriad of wondrous colors, and this season of beauty is widely celebrated with some of Korea’s most illustrious festivals.


Mountains and the Korean Mind (Seoraksan)

Korea, the land of the Morning Calm, is also known as the land of the mountains. Approximately 70% of the country is covered by the graceful bones of Mother Earth, shaping the minds and the history of the Korean people unlike any natural feature found on the peninsula. Mountains feature prominently in the country’s arts, culture and religion, some even go as far as to say that it was the Korean mountains that helped defeat the first Japanese invasion under Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the Imiji Wars (1592-1598), with a little help from the Chinese and local hero, the Great Admiral Yi of course.

South Korea’s Best Markets


17 Best Pinboards to follow on Pinterest if you love Korea


Pinterest is now the new social media tool in the league of Facebook, Flickr that can keep you hooked for minutes if not hours. And with so many users creating interesting pinboards it has become easier to explore, inspire, share and discover new aspects about your hobbies and interests. Since South Korea is in the list of must-visit places for lovers of Korean Culture it is obvious that one should follow some interesting pinboards about Korea.

Presenting below are the best 21 pinboards, which covers everything from Life in Korea, Places to Visit, K-Pop, Hallyu, Korean Fashion, Seoul and every other aspect of Korea. You can click the images below to view the pins (tip: right-click and select open in new window / tab).

Kwangjang Sijang – Traditional Korean Market


Palaces in Seoul are not the only way to explore a slice of Korean Culture and History. If you want to immerse yourself into the local culture of Korea then you should visit one of the traditional markets in Korea. Unlike the glitzy modern malls and supermarkets, Seoul’s traditional markets retain a special charm and should be included on your list of places to see. The markets are not only an important part of the local fabric, but also a tourist attraction in Korea.

Photography Spots in Korea – Series VI – Night Photography


This is a very special series as we have Mr. Sungjin Kim, an esteemed photographer from Korea. He has been contributing his pictures regularly to Getty Images and some of his work has been featured on the National Geographic website.

In this series, Sungjin Kim has shared not only his beautiful work on Korean Night Photography (showcased below) but also some wonderful tips on Night Time Photography in Korea. You can read the tips at the end of this post.

Tips for Night Time Photography

1. Preparations

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