Korean Cherry Blossoms of 2016

Buddhist Colors

Soft as Spring

November in Yeongtong

Just as I had my camera on the way home from work last week, I had it again yesterday as I walked to and from work. This time it was nice and bright out and ideal for catching the last of the autumn leaves. In Korea you’ll never hear the end of the talk about […]

Love Bug!

This past weekend I came across THE most cutesy Wedding getaway car of all time.

I spied this pink bug adorned with fake flowers while walking around a mall that has a wedding hall within the complex.  Now decorating a car for the couple to leave the ceremony in is not an exclusively American tradition, but never have I seen such an over the top cute rendition of it.  

It was parked in the parking garage waiting for the happy couple in all it's pink lovey-dovey glory.

Bright lips of summer

Pink Imperialism?

( Source )

Koreans have curious attitudes to pink.

On the one hand, it is by no means considered feminine on adults, nor has it ever been historically. Indeed, far from rejecting it, these days many young men positively embrace pink as a sign of rebellion against the gruff, dull rural roots of their parents. As The Joshing Gnome puts it:

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