Hwaseong Again

Cambodia through the eyes of a *fish*

One of our previous posts was about Farmboy's new toy, which he proceeded to take for a spin on our recent (and absolutely awesome!!) trip to Cambodia  :) More pics and such to come, but for the meanwhile, heres a little taste of our time there, through the eyes of his fisheye camera!

one of our many Tuk Tuk experiences :0

Farmboy's new toy...

This weekend, while waiting in anticipation for our 4D Movie at Say Department Store here in Daejeon, Farmboy and myself headed downstairs in the gorgeous Say Department to check out the cute and funky stationary section on the basement level.

And, well the only way I can describe what happened next when Farmboy saw what gadgets were displayed, is to ask you to imagine the look on a little boy's face on Christmas morning, when he see's that long awaited 'bicycle' shaped present, with the huge ribbon, parked under the tree...ok, ok, I think you get the picture. is the outcome of what caught his attention:

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