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A look at Pyeongchang, home of the 2018 Winter Olympics


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They say the third time’s a charm, and for South Korea that’s proven to be the case, at least in terms of the 2018 Olympic Games.

On July 6, 2011, the International Olympic Committee announced that Pyeongchang, South Korea finally won the bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics, after losing to Canada and Russia the previous two times in a row. (Click here to watch the video of the announcement)

The ROK proudly beat out other top contenders such as Annecy, France and Munich, Germany, and it will be the second time the Olympic Games have been held in Korea since hosting the Summer Olympics in Seoul in 1988.

A Week in Photos #9


Life in Korea: going skiing / snowboarding

If the recent Korea Times article or the snowboard competition in downtown Seoul whetted your appetite to try it yourself, Seoul has several places relatively nearby to ski or snowboard. As you might expect in a country of mostly mountains, skiing and snowboarding are quite popular winter sports. While there are dozens of places to give it a try, none are located in Seoul proper, and traveling to most areas works best if you speak Korean, have a car, or both. For the English teachers who claim the subway or bus as their primary mode of transportation, some skiing places offer shuttle buses from Seoul to the resort, although you usually have to call ahead for reservations. All the places listed below have decent to excellent English pages, which are directly linked.

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