Kitty in Edae enjoying the sun

 The other day I was walking through Edae, and in the large seating area/steps that surround the large APM shopping center I spotted something strange for Korea… a cat just hanging out in a doggy shirt at the park!!

Nara’s Edae Shopping Haul

Since I started the blog this spring I had a few mails asking to see men’s clothing in Korea,  so since Nara really likes to shop and most of his stuff is pretty interesting and cute~ here is one of his hauls from Edae this month! Korea is a great place to get awesome jackets for guys, so the mission that day was to find a few more to add to his wardrobe.

Japanese Cocoa with Korean Kitty Goodies

This week I bought a new really cute kitty mug and some amazing Japanese hot cocoa mix from the store. Since it was imported it was not cheap, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would be yummy!  I really like hot cocoa (yeah I know it is summer, I like ice choco milk too! lol) but here in Korea most of the shops make it all watery and gross.

Korea Summer Rose Outfit

Here is an outfit I wore out the other day~ girly, but will not make me roast to death in the summer heat!!

It makes my midsection a little poofy, but I love that belt and the bloomers.  I impulse buy them now because they make great shorts and things to wear under dresses that are too short or may flip up in the wind lol. Please ignore my black roots *_* I am in need of a bang trim and root touch up!

Kitty Shopping in Korea~ Meet “Milk”


Meet my new baby boy “Milk”!!

Nara and I are engaged, but here in Korea we cant live together so it gets really lonely in my apartment + I don’t have much of a social life here sadly…… I really want to get a dog and was sighing about it a lot this spring, but I have to come and go a lot so it is a bit too much for me at this time so I decided to hold back.

Pretty Flowers

I forgot to post these from April~  but check out the beautiful flower arrangement Nara had delivered to me for my Birthday!!  Korean flower arrangements are so beautiful compared to the ones back home~

So much color!!!  It cheered me up a lot since I get lonely here when it is my Birthday~

The arrangement was fairly large, so I was able to split it up into 3 vases around my room.

Train Station Friend

I made a friend at the train station the other day.  I’m kinda jealous, look how skinny he is!

Honestly though, I really like the style of this statue~ He is pretty cute! ♥  I should have posed like he was stepping on me while reading or something haha I don’t think the people in the train station would have been amused by that though.

Farm Fresh Strawberries in Korea~

This week I was stuck at home with the flu, super fun!  Nara’s Mother was kind enough to send over a huge tray of fresh strawberries and they looked so pretty I just had to snap some photos!

♥ ♥ ♥

It is really amazing how much better the produce is here in Korea vs the USA~ I will not really get into how genetically modified American fruits and veges in particular are… but when you start shopping here it becomes VERY noticeable just how different things taste and look here VS home.




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