Deulmusae: A Whole Lot of Penis in Pocheon

The penis. As unattractive as it may be, it has remained to be an important symbol of strength, fertility and power in cultures all the world over since the beginning of time.  From ancient Pompeii to Egyptian hieroglyphics to the costumes of modern day tribesmen of New Guinea, phallic imagery has been used unabashedly. Unsurprisingly, the penis has played just as an important role in Korean culture.

Is That An Effigy In Your Pocket? The Phallus Shrine of Railay

IT WAS ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL MORNING in Thailand. Except we were in Ao Nang. And Ao Nang is a shit town. So we caught a longboat over to Railay and rented out a kayak for a few hours. We scuttled around by the coast for a while, pissing about between the karst peaks in the sea, peering inside caverns, pondering the strange creatures under the sea, and all the while increasing our chances of skin cancer.

It was great.


Gayspeak: Penis (음경, 남근, 자지 등)

I haven't given my readers a word for a while. Sorry about that. So as an apology, I'm going to give you a rather extensive list for men's pride and joy. The penis.


Gayspeak: 노포 (uncut)

This gayspeak could come in handy when using Jackd.

노포 (no-po)

노포 is short for 노 포경. 노 is the English 'no' and 포경 is circumcision. 노포 is therefore uncircumcised. I'm sure my readers can attest that Koreans are 99% circumcised, but maybe you could advertise yourself as 노포?

Some sample phrases:

노포 좋아 -> I like uncircumcised guys. (포경수술 안 한 사람 좋아)
포경 수술 헸어? -> Are you circumcised?

Any readers live near 노포 station in Busan? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Back to Blogging!

I just got back from a wonderful vacation on the East Sea and Andong. Nothing was really that gay, unfortunately. I did, however, go to the penis park near Samcheok. Ridiculous.

Strange Things of Korea : Sculpture Parks, Part 3 (해신당공원)

Another scultpure park, this time entirely penis-themed. You can find in Samcheok. The origin of the wooden penis statues displayed in the park lays in a local legend. Here's an English version of the legend I found on the Korean tourism agency website:

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