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Letter from Korea, November 2013


Suwon, South Korea
November 2013

Dear Ireland

Mommy and Me English Club

Hello Moms,

We are a group of mothers with children who have an interest in meeting up together with other mothers and their children. Together some of our interests include playdates, fitness class, reading, spending time with our children, mommy and me english classes, playdates and meeting new friends.

We are friendly, sociable, fun welcoming and are inviting YOU to join us.

Who can join? Any mom: married, expecting, divorced, new mom, young or old and can find some time to commit to us by attending events, play groups, or special dates just for us mommies....

For more info please check the flier below:


Looking for a playgroup


Hello looking for a playgroup for my 4 month old son. I am 30 years old and I don't know any moms.

Boys(1&4y) & mum from Finland looking 4 company, playmates, activities

We are arrriving to Busan early April for a year and are looking for company to share days with while husband is working. Boys are 1 and 4 year old and we are hoping to find playmates. We are also interested in children's clubs or other activities, all tips are highly welcome. It would be great to have also advises on life with kids in Busan and on life in Korea in general. We will most likely live in Marina city or nearby. We are looking forward to new experiences and hopefully new international friends! Hoping to hear from you! Best wishes, Sanna and the boys

Our first week in Canada

Here is a brief look at our first week in Penetang, Ontario.  I am on my mother’s computer and don’t want to take too much time on it so a lot of this post will be terse to the point of being cryptic.  I am writing this post more for my memory than for international scrutiny.

Just before coming to Canada, I had one last hike on a small, local mountain and finished the hike in my T-shirt. The day before leaving, The Little Guy (TLG) and I rode our bikes to Eulsookdo.
last mountain


Letter from Korea, February 2013

February 2013

Dear Ireland

Today, Thursday February 7 of the year 2013, has been a long and busy day, and it’s far from over. This morning myself, herself, and +1, rose at 6am as we always do, but instead of feeding and returning to sleep, we dressed in a panic, and bailed into the car in sub-zero temperatures. A trip to the airport was afoot. Why? Well, mammy and daddy were on their way to Korea!

The Games start soon!

Tomorrow night, my son and I will be watching Olympic swimming, and probably other sports and events.  I’m excited to see what the swimmers can do but also am envious of my son’s idealistic view of The Games.

If I were to write down my own version of an Athlete’s Credo, it would describe wanting to do my best but also wanting the same for my competitors.  I would prefer to win or lose and be secure in my belief that the outcome was correct.  If I were to win, I would want my opponent to say something like, “I did my best and you were better” rather than “If I’d had a better start…”.

Of course, I won’t be there competing and perhaps people who have put enough effort into getting there have different priorities.

parenting milestone

My son and I went for our first bike trip on Sunday.  We rode along the river and across a bridge to Eulsookdo, a park with ecological preserve, a drive in theater and other tourist attractions.


Previously, I had jogged or roller-bladed beside my son as he rode, careful to be close enough to try to catch him if he tipped over.

Children’s water park in Dadae

My son and I had a great afternoon at the new waterpark at Dadae Beach.  The location has a lot to offer children and a few things for adults as well.

ARKPop Episode 44 - Oppa Didn't Mean It

81:56 minutes (37.51 MB)


I’m surprised that at 44 episodes that’s the first time I had the opportunity to use that title.

Download Episode 44 (right click and save as)


The dinosaur museum in Goseong (and more)

Hi there!  Long time, no read.

I attempted the Nanowrimo project last month (the goal is to write 50,000 words- a novel – in one month) and didn’t get very far.  Still, that was the number one thing I was to do, so if I wasnt doing it, I couldn’t do things lower on the list either.

Anyway, I’m back.

December third was our wedding anniversary so like any middle-aged couple with a child, we did child-friendly stuff.  Heck, we all loved the dinosaur museum!

I sure didn’t love the trip to the museum.  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been suffering from headaches occurring roughly every other day.  First, I went to a dentist but he found no problems.  Then I went to a hospital and I learned my cold has progressed to sinusitis and the infection in a sinus cavity has been causing my headaches.

Headlice isn’t so bad.

 My students often tell me they eat ‘lice’.

You can see a stroller in the background.  I think the reason Korean grandmothers love becoming grandmothers is that they will soon get a handy cart to carry their stuff.

‘Kibot’ robot teaches Korean toddlers to read, sing and speak in multiple languages

The South Korean telecom company KT recently released the Kibot, a robot designed to teach toddlers how to read, sing and speak in different languages. In a country where becoming fluent in English is almost a prerequisite for gaining admission at the most prestigious private schools, the Kibot is a great way for working parents to make sure their toddlers are getting the education they need.

a (sorta) sad milestone

About a month ago, I was reading a pop-up version of The Jungle Book to my son.  At the end, Mowgli left the jungle to live with people.  My son asked why did the boy have to leave the jungle and I far-too-quickly explained that all children grow up and leave their parents.

I had returned my attention to the book or anyway looked away for a moment. When I looked back, my son had a long face and huge, puppy-dog eyes* and softly asked if all children had to leave their parents.

I quickly tried to repair the damage and after a long hug from me and another from mom, he was able to move on.

Skip ahead to today.  This morning I was informed that he liked hugging me when we parted at the kindergarten door, but not when his friends could see.  Then he went into the school and didn’t try to comfort me or notice my long face!


* “long face” and “puppy-dog eyes” are cliches but for good reason: they perfectly described his appearance.

enjoying the winter

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