Weekend Warriors iii: Typhoon Nangka

I'd like to preface this post with the fact that we have been VERY lucky in Busan.  We have had some rain and high winds but even that has not deterred us from heading to the beach and swimming in the rain.

Japan Trip Part 2 

Japan Trip Part 2 

I dream in Skyscanner part I

See you later Osaka! Had a fabulous time in Japan!...

Delicious ^^ #mizuno #dotonbori #osaka #travelinjapan #traveling...

So excited! I will go to Kyoto, Japan on Friday!

My friend Megan and I will be heading out for our short trip to Kyoto, Japan on Friday evening....

12 Things to Do in Osaka, Japan

One of the great benefits of teaching abroad is the ability to travel more. Not only is there more free time, but you are also closer to countries that you would otherwise never get a chance to visit unless for a unique circumstance.

Japan is always a common destination for travelers. I’ve been to Tokyo, but there are so many other cities to see. During one of my vacations I took a trip to Osaka. A common travel plan is to visit Kyoto while in Osaka because you’re just a short 20-45 minute train ride away depending on the type of train you choose.

I realized within the first day or two, however, that seeing what I wanted to see in Osaka would not allow me the time to get away to see Kyoto as well.  I visited for 5 days.

I decided to make this compilation video of my time in Osaka. There are some popular destinations in it, but also some that the general public would not think of to visit.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

Marathoning Japan – Four Cities in Five Days


On the journey back to my tiny apartment home in Daegu, my eyelids were leaden, various leg muscles were pulled, and I lethargically guessed what subway line to take to get back. Five days in Japan had chewed me up and spat me out. But with a pocketful of strange coins, and many warm, beautiful memories, despite my weariness I looked up into the sky over Korea spiritually satiated. My gaze has become a little more wizened from my travels further east. So take some time to tie your shoelaces a little tighter, I’ll take you on my sprint through Japan one more time.


Japan no More....

Hello everyone,

I've been postponing my blogging for almost 2 weeks already, I just didn't feel like blogging and then I felt frustrated part because of my lack of posting and some other things not worth talking about, anyway, I didn't blog before because whenever I'm upset I end up complaining or the ideas just don't flow.

Finally I decided not to continue blogging about Japan and blog about what's going now now... Korea.

IF you still want to know a little bit more about our trip to Japan, I would recommend checking my sis' blog here, she's quite a good blogger and got some better pictures than mine :D

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeace Yo!

-Gisela V. 


Korean Student
One of my naughtiest, yet favourite students at Winter Camp
I started this post yesterday with high suspicions that the weather had taken a turn for the better and it was starting to get warmer here in Busan, but it looks like I was being overly optimistic. Today it's pouring down with rain and I have had to teach the whole morning with pitifully soggy feet. Sad face.

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