Taste of Greek: Santorini Taverna

Krys Lee Book Reading at What The Book?

On a warm early summer evening I joined some friends for a book reading at What The Book?, in Itaewon. There the author Krys Lee shared a few stories and thoughts from her book, "Drifting House." I mostly came to the event because it was something different to go to, from the usual line up of weekly things to do. I didn't know who this author was, but was interested anyways.

Gobbled N' Go

I was surprised to find myself in a part of Itaewon I didn't recognize, recently. It had been just a year since I traversed the back streets near the 3 Alley Pub, and I didn't realize what changes had occurred. Now there are more restaurants and the street seems wider itself. Plus the crowd seems to have diversified and opened up as well. Before it really felt like Itaewon was the "foreigner place" in Korea. This is so due to the plentifulness of foreign-food restaurants and just the sheer presence of non-Koreans wandering around.

Daring Skinship?!

In that MBC video there is a part where they say how daring the couples are for touching each other and kissing. You would think that couples between two Koreans don't show public affection. The reality is that for a long time public displays of affection were shunned here, and they still are to some degree. But I can tell you things seem to have dramatically changed these days.

I was at the Cheongyecheon last night near Gwanghwamun and there were plenty of cuddling couples to be seen. Scandalous!

hair In Love Salon: A Great New Place to get a Hair Cut in Seoul

A Little Guide to the Rain in Seoul

I'm sure all of us know how to use an umbrella and get around their town in the rain. You look out for puddles and wear proper gear. But it seems surviving the rainy streets of Seoul, can add on a few more challenges. I've come to realize these nuances over the course of living here four years, and thought I would share them with you. Not as a way to complain about life here, but just to divulge my observances. Here we go...

1. Puddles and Splashes:

On the Business of Being a Team Leader

It's been almost two months into my second year at my school, and I figured it is time to talk about being a Team Leader. This title makes me in charge of three other foreign Native English teachers in my department (2nd grade). It also means that I am in the intermediary between the English crew and the Korean homeroom teachers. When I was first given this duty I was stricken with fear that I couldn't do it, and would find myself stressed out too much. Today I am going to expose how being a Team Leader has developed for me and give insights into what's been happening so far.

Wandering Around Anam Area

There are places in Seoul that you end up at that you have never been before. The thing is, though, nearly every place in Seoul pretty much looks the same. Except for several key places like, Samcheongdong and Insadong, otherwise you can pretty much expect the same old...same old.

Do Ho Suh @ Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

My Thoughts on the "Korean Wave"

There has been a lot of chatter around the Kblogosphere about how The Girl's Generation went on David Letterman and possibly spoofed themselves. Some say it is not helping the "Korean Wave" advance itself across the ocean, and others give them props for trying. I for one say that this stunt isn't going to help Americans get to know Korea in the way that I know Korea. To me Korea is a place full of unique pop culture and historical trademarks. The food is amazing and you can't go wrong with a country that eats live octopus.

But Americans don't know much about Korea beyond whatever they have in their mind. Without any scientific background to prove this, I bet most Americans (off the street) will associate S. Korea with North Korea and all that hoopla.

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