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Open Thread #15: BOOKGASM

Open Thread #15

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Inheriting an LG Lollipop phone (yes, that one) from my wife this week, who needed a smartphone for her job, it’s good to finally have a phone with a decent camera.

Open Thread #14

( Image: “veritum dies aperit” by )

This coming Tuesday, I will have been in Korea for exactly 1o years! Any suggestions on how to celebrate it?

Update: If you haven’t heard about it already, 10 Magazine is holding a video contest until the end of May. In its own words:

Open Thread #13


With apologies to Seoulplay, but I’m tempted to only use screenshots from 2NE1′s (투애니원) Try to Follow Me (날 따라 해봐요) music video for the Open Threads from now on! For like Anna at her Appears music blog explains:

Open Thread #12 (Updated)

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Let’s try this again!

Always just an experiment really, after last week’s open thread received no comments whatsoever then I deleted it and thought I’d call it a day, but I’ve relented and decided to give the open threads one more shot: after all, all the others received many. So, if you’d like a forum to talk about virtually anything Korea-related each weekend (albeit with a preference for sociology and pop-culture), and perhaps most importantly one that is moderated also, then please do make sure to contribute this time!

Open Thread #12

Via Pink Tentacle, let me introduce the “fearsome horned toad said to inhabit the sea near Busan, Korea” above, just one of the monsters depicted in:

…the Kaikidan Ekotoba, a mysterious handscroll that profiles 33 legendary monsters and human oddities, mostly from the Kyushu region of Japan (with several from overseas). The cartoonish document, whose author is unknown, is believed to date from the mid-19th century. It is now in the possession of the Fukuoka City Museum.

Open Thread #11 (Updated)


Let yourself shine…

Update: Alas, my wifi connection has been playing up since the weekend, so I certainly won’t be!

Please bear with me for the next couple of days while I get it fixed.

Update 2: All solved, albeit too late for this week’s Korean Gender Reader sorry. Turns out that my wife and I had been using our neighbor’s wifi signal for the past year!

Open Thread #10

( Source: RaySoda )

Happy to report that I’ve just secured a teaching position at a university, and enjoying the sunny weather, then this photograph seemed apt…

But please feel free to talk about absolutely anything in these open threads; last week, people only talked about my choice of accompanying image instead…not uninteresting of course, but not really my intention!

Open Thread #9

( Source: Silkroad )

Granted, it snowed across much of Korea earlier in the week, but it is spring! Time to get out and do some exercise folks!


Open Thread #8: Superfuturism & Anitiquity

( “Fade to Red” by StudioQube. Source: deviantART)

Thoughts for the weekend, from boingboing:

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