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All the Tea from China to Your Door in Korea! Free Shipping!? Hot Gazoobies!

Ah, the problem of getting a fine Chinese tea at a decent price while here in Korea !

One option of course is, well, fly to China and get some. Rather costly for tea, although well worth the trip. 
Insadong in Seoul has a good Chinese teashop on one of it's side streets but, well, you run the risk of getting a nosebleed when you hear the prices they charge.

What's In My Memebox: Superbox #33 Collagen Cosmetics

Those that follow Seoul Searching may already be familiar with Memebox from my previous post. For those of you that have yet to be introduced to this brilliant service, Memebox is a Korea-based cosmetics company that is allowing the world to experience the wonder that is K-beauty one delivery at a time.

Vegan cookies by Alien’s Day Out Bake Shop

I’m not really a Valentine’s Day type of person, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like accepting gifts on that day. Mr. M surprised me this year with cookies from Alien’s Day Out, a vegan bakery based in Seoul.  Don’t worry if you are like us elsewhere in Korea, they also spaceship their fresh baked goodies.  Our cookies were delivered without any of them being damaged. Maybe that’s alien technology?!  Sorry I am getting carried away with the cool name of this little company.


Korea's #1 English Online Shopping Store


We're Fatbag Korea (, Korea's #1 English Online Shopping Store.

We're a network of local Korean wholesale and retail stores, servicing foreigner and Expat communities. We carry thousands of items ranging from Costco, Mexican Food, Cheese, IKEA, Foreign Groceries, American Home-baked desserts, Fresh Meat, and the list goes on!

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A Nice Market

Your One Stop Online Shop! Get everything you need all in one place and have it delivered to the comfort of your home. 

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