Arirang Love (Video)

Although I don’t quite understand why the spectacle of Nuremberg-like mass formations at the Arirang Games are any different from the bloated spectacles at the Olympics, I reserve a special revulsion for the North Korean variant. But, who could ridicule pandas?

North Korea’s Arirang mass games opened Monday evening in Pyongyang, with about 100,000 people, ranging from schoolchildren to professional artists, taking part in the gymnastics and artistic spectacle.

A new part dubbed “Friendship Arirang” was added to the performance, stressing Pyongyang’s friendly ties with China following leader Kim Jong Il’s visit to the country in May.

Convicted criminal returns to job

Lee Kun-hee resigned or otherwise left (see below) his position as Chairman of Samsung and soon afterward went to jail as a result of his actions while running Samsung.  In a move fairly typical Korean justice with chaebol leaders, he was soon pardoned (the surprising thing is that he spent any time in jail at all).

He was released in February and will soon return to work in the same position at the same company that he broke the law in previously. Part of the reason for his pardon was his previous work on the International Olympics Committee.

He’d better bring the Olympics to Korea!


Different papers describe the way he left Samsung (my bolding):

Finding my voice

My Gangwon Notes blog, the best damn blog never to be nominated by 10 Magazine for a best blog award, had a pretty clear focus: Gangwon Province.  Yes, I also mentioned my homeland, Canada, Korean politics and conservation efforts, a few book reviews, but I stayed mostly true to the title of my blog.

I am now in a new location and it is not undersupplied with bloggers (can you ever have enough bloggers?) and don’t intend to be ‘the voice of Busan’. but what do I intend?  Well, I have mentioned somewhere that I am interested in a few things, but I still don’t feel comfortable with the direction of this blog.  I am in a new location, have a new job and am using a new blogging site, why follow the same  path?  Still, I do enjoy blogging and want to write about something.


today. I looked at these articles in Korea’s English newspapers.

Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team Wins Gold!

I’m really not a hockey guy and this was a hard game to find and watch but, Woo-Hoo!


We got rid of our TV during the move and have yet to buy a new one.  I got up around 5:40AM to hunt around online to find the game.  CTV didn’t seem to be streaming it outside of Canada and I finally found something at justin.tv.  From there, I found a link with audio, with a picture smaller than the palm of my hand.  Anyway, Woo-Hoo!


LATER: Oh, I also enjoyed Kim Yuna’s skating and the women’s hockey triumphs as well.  I can’t really say why the men’s final game drew me so strongly.  Perhaps because it is near the end of the Olympics.

South Korea Trip # 14- Vancouver?

Alright you can check out the video of my trip from Busan to Vancouver in South Korea? During the trip I checked out the library, the seabus, Robson St., Yaletown, False Creek and I went to a BC Lions game. By the end of the day I have compiled 2-4 hours of footage on two cameras. I then cut that footage into the five minute video you see here. The video features music by Matthew Good. From his newest album entitled “Vancouver” The songs title is “The Vancouver national anthem”.

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