Inside, I’m Still Growing Up

We communicate not by age but by wave length.
Not everyone will see eye to eye. Some of us will be too short.

Those older may be bolder with words but just as concerned with perceptions
perceived as impressionable Tweens not ready to be seen.

Age is just a number may be cliche to say but I’ve had better conversations with childless rakes in their 60s
and elementary school students in South Korea than some fellow 35-year-olds. The calendar may say we have
a similar time, but we are far from a similar place.

And you may have to accept not everyone will see things this way. Feel sorry for them.


Turning Thirty in Korea – A Retrospective View


Today is my birthday. I am thirty years old.

Question from a reader: older and looking for work

A reader whom I'll keep anonymous writes the following:

There is no work here to speak of in [state redacted for privacy] with the recession / depression and I have made up my mind to work overseas. I did it once before from 1990-1993. I tutored mostly adults English in Taiwan, Austria, Greece, and Spain. Loved the experience and did OK moneywise. Now I don't have much money which is needed for things like airfares and settling in until getting paid.....Do Korean schools still pay for inbound airfares?

Although technically illegal, even the Korean tourist office in Los Angeles told me private students are the way to go. Does eveyone teach privates?

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