old man

Market Man

Sunday Morning With Ultraman

Sunday Morning With Ultraman

This was the first thing I saw when I walked out of my apartment building one Sunday morning, an unequaled feat, especially considering that it happened in the western part of Busan, where you will never, ever see a Korean man taking care of children.

Sasang Man

Sasang Man

Waiting for a bus at the heart of western Busan.

할아버지 of Gwangali

A Korean 15th of August

It was the 15th of August, national day in Korea. The Korean flags were flourishing on the windows. But nothing else did seem to change from the usual daily life in Busan. The wind was blowing, the sky was depressingly grey and the day was punctuated by quick showers that were refreshing the heavy atmosphere of this middle of August.


The old man was sitting in the kitchen. A cup of tea in front of him and a notebook filled with his elegant writing. He was tired. The day was over.

He seemed weirdly small in that kitchen. Like he didn’t belong there, like something was missing in the picture.

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