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Letter from Korea, October 2013

Suwon, Korea
Ocotober, 2013

Dear Ireland,

It has been well over a month since myself, Herself, and +1 have been back in Korea, and what I expected would be my September letter got left by the wayside and is only being seen to now in October. You know you’ll get the usual excuses for not doing anything which isn’t vital to one’s survival, such as being busy with things which are vital to one’s own survival.

After two and a bit months in Ireland, returning to Korea for life, work, and more life, was less the shock we had thought it might be. A smaller home, no garden, no dog, less rain, and that view from all the way up at the top of our tower just seemed to be what was right at the time. There seems to be less culture shock the more we travel between Ireland and Korea.

The Art of Waiting

Imagine for a moment that a long time ago there was a secret art, or perhaps it was common practice, where people waited without fuss and hindrance. Do you have that picture in your head now? Good. Allow me to begin.


I just came back from a quick trip to the shop where I bought a can of Sprite and a packet of crisps (or what we shall call crisps for arguments sake). I went to one shop first and then moved on to another shop as it didn’t sell Sprite and I’m not hungover so Korean Cider wasn’t on the cards.

////crossville, tennessee////




\\\\Venus & Hui Ung////


{{{{August is special!}}}}

found here

So today is the day!

I am 27!!

Here is a playlist I made ^^

What it means to be a hero…



Creatives from around the world exchange packages that they put together for one another based on their interests.

Here is the package I assembled for a special person in Australia!

Fun things like strawberry flavored milk straws & Korean socks!

/// the countdown begins ///

17 days until The Dark Knight Rises!

After reading this amazing  post, I felt super inspired to make my own! JoAnna Dee created this beautifully designed collage, and after searching around I realized the internet is filled with quality designed Batman products!



>Happy Mother's Day


To all the beautiful mothers I know:


You are strong


You are fearless


&  I admire you.


Today is a special day for you!

Take a minute to appreciate yourself.


Pick some flowers.


Make some tea.


Paint your nails.



I have been keeping myself awake at night,

listening to the way my heart beats

trying to keep count

trying to understand the change of rhythm

thinking about my last 4 months in Korea

changing the landscape

changing continents

working on a zoo

speaking spanish


{{Tadashi Kawamata}}

Oh beautiful day!

O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have

     fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched

Once old train station, Now open air art gallery


1. Vintage Floral Print

22.00 USD

by Butler & Claypool

2. Red Flowy Vintage Skirt

22.00 USD

by ShopNela Bela

3. Coral Necklace

::::featured artist:::david moore::::


a. Kodak TMAX P3200 B&W film.

b. The Cinema – Food Markets – Walking without agenda – without destination, anywhere – In conversation with others.

Where do you go to clear your head?


The place I enjoy the most in Korea is the office supply/stationary store. I have always had a love for office supplies. In America the stores are more like warehouses and don’t offer unique products like cat paw page bookmarks. But you can’t blame em, there isn’t the same “need”. While living overseas I have been diligently writing letters to my loved ones. Now that I have started graduate school I am also finding reasons to go to the stationary store. You might be blown away by the variety of goods!















{{happy friday}}


Paper goods by Fair Morning Blue

This weekend is going to be relaxing >

Staying in to start on my 25 page research paper for special populations in art.

Turning the wheels for a collaborative project with E and a coffee business.

Sunday will be the best! A day with two lovely ladies, paper crafting, baking, and swooning over


Inspired by my dear friend,















1. Innisfree nail polish 2,500 w in Korea

friendly suggestions for the new season!


[[maundrie fox]]

 It’s the jam you have been waiting for. Perfect listening for the following situations: studying, relaxing, jamming, chilling, walking, hiking, spring cleaning, and bicycle riding. It is not limited to these activities. Trust me! It involves foxes.


M A U N D R I E   F O X 


Why is life amazing?







Like giving a lecture about Saudi Arabi relations & Korea, then meeting a Korean man that lived there for 20 years concidentally in the subway during my lunch break.

He was kind.

He was enthusiastic, and perhaps lonely.

And it was so nice to talk with him.


Came home from an extra long day to this email…

Mi barrio


I came across this high energy yoga routine.

I wanted to share it with YOU!

This routine is from Women’s Health Magazine. The website also provides an excellent yoga newsletter.

With all this recent sunshine take your mat to the hills!


Out of tape, out of boxes

Moving from one part of the city to another. 1 part labeled [send to the usa], 1 part my temporary things for my last 6 months in Korea. Things are changing oh so fast! I anticipate the next 180 days will zoooooooooom by.

Will you…

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